Friday, April 29, 2005

Up until now ...

I could try to catch you up but starting from the beginning would take way too long so here is what you need to know for now:

I'm a 34 y.o. age-group/athena triathlete. I make my living as a graphic design for the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. and I love my job but I don't spend my free time designing, hence the pre-made blog template. I do spend my free time swimming, biking, running, napping as the occasion warrants it and enjoying time with family and friends.

I am single but not available. My heart belongs to me and Jim. You are welcome to admire his sexy cycling legs and his wonderful BMW car and motorcycle. You can even laugh at his dry witty banter and be amazed at how smart he is but he is MINE! And he is fine with that. I WILL fight you for him.

I'm smart, funny, goofy, loving, sensitive, extroverted, formerly fat (300+ pounds) and very goal-oriented.

Don't tell me that you "cant" because chances are that you just have not tried more than one way of doing it (whatever "IT" is that you seem to think you "CANT" do). Nothing is the same for any two people and frankly, if you really want something ... YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! You simply have to identify your dreams, make some short term goals, be consistent, follow through and never give up.

Right now, I am struggling with a Melanoma diagnosis so much of this blog for the next year will probably focus more on that then my triathlon adventures but that is simply because to get back on track to my IRONMAN goals, I will have to get through this Melanoma diagnosis first.

Come on along for the ride ... I could use some company.