Friday, September 03, 2010

How's that workin' for ya?

I'm not blogging very regularly anymore - call it a "sign of the times" - it's easier to post a quick update on FACEBOOK - so the Blog posting has become less frequent but I hope it is seen as "quality over quantity" for those of you who still read this sometimes. LOL

I wanted to do a brief UPDATE on the TRIATHLON BIKE CHALLENGE that I set for myself a few months ago near the end of April....

40 lbs = NEW TRI BIKE with Custom Paint Job!

The Goal was pretty aggressive, as far as permanent weight-loss goes and my body doesn't respond quite the way it did in my late 20s so I simply have to accept that and stay focused.

10 pounds lost in 18 weeks
(since the Blog Post)

I'm not unhappy with these results, I am happy with my progress - it is slow but it is steady and that is the ideal path to long-term, permanent weight loss. I intend to keep going until I reach my goal - but at this rate - it looks like my "New TRIATHLON Bike" is still a good 6-9 months away.

It all balances out though...because there has been a lot going on in my life, and honestly, right now is not the time to drop $3000.00 on a brand new bike. So, there will be no new bike this September and probably not a new bike by Beach2Battleship Half Ironman in November. It will be Me and Sunshine, my trusty road bike, on the course together, as we have been for 10 years now. Sunshine is good to me - that trusty old Reynolds Steel Lemond Buenos Aires...

The challenge is still ON and GOING STRONG! It just might take me a little longer than I had originally planned.

And sometimes, that is the way life goes, right?

Life is Good! Keep Living STRONG!