Friday, October 26, 2012

53 Weeks and Counting...

Next weekend I'll be in vacation a little, to volunteer, to cheer on friends and teammates from Montgomery, AL and to sign up for Ironman Florida 2013. It seems like only yesterday that I was one week out from my second attempt (and first victory) at the elusive 140.6 miles that makes an Ironman triathlon. But my last 140.6 was three years ago. Oh how the times (and my body/fitness) have changed! I have a lot of hard work ahead.

This time is different, of course. The fire in my belly of doing something "New" is gone. I have new motivations - Get back my triathlon fitness, Find some new inner strength, Connect with my local TRI group. But truthfully the fear and nerves are still there. My biggest *known* nemesis for the Ironman Florida course is the 2.4 mile ocean swim. It SCARES me!! I used to be scared of the unknown of swimming 2.4 miles but that passed after doing it 3 times successfully. Maybe not very quickly but fast enough to beat the requisite 2:20 cutoff in a variety of conditions [perfect, fast current and epic seasickness swells] and that is what matters on race day...

BUT that was three year ago....and this is the Gulf of Mexico. I have witnessed Ironman Florida with epic rough swims (2006) and I have seen this race with beautiful swim conditions (2007). Like any triathlon, you get what you get on race day. It's what you do with it that matters. That is what I have to remind myself, every day for the next 373 days.

"You get what you get on race day. It is what you do with it that matters!"

You had better believe that I will be doing a lot of open water ocean swims and shorter distance triathlons for the next 53 weeks, in addition to pool time. Oh and of course, some long biking and running with a side of Crossfit to keep me strong, fit and injury-free.

Injury-free. Presumably I am there but after some tendon issues...I had to cancel my Goofy Challenge goals for Jan 2013. I am deferring to next year. Doing another Ironman means more to me right now and I am easing back into the running very slowly. I am 2 weeks out from being release from the cast (forced rest for my tendon) and not having any pain so the next step is to bring back the swimming and biking for two weeks, adjust the volume of walking and then slowly ease into running and Crossfit again. One careful, calculated step at a time over the next 53 weeks (and 1 day).

My goal here is to blog at least weekly. To keep track of my progress, to maintain accountability and document my Ironman Florida 2013 journey.

I am still FUNDRAISING for Team FIGHT! Only the race has changed, not the over all goal!

My goal is $20,000.00 by November 1, 2013. Make a donation and join me in the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER - IN HONOR AND SUPPORT of the CANCER to 5K Training Program and the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

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The Ulman Cancer Fund's goal is to enhance lives by supporting, educating and connecting young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.

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