Friday, October 09, 2015

What if...

What if you were given the opportunity to reset? What if you were given the opportunity and the gift to pursue a few specific dreams, with no expectation other than to do what makes you happy and healthy. That is the amazing place that I find myself in today.

I'm a goal-driven person, having specific goals help drive and define me but it is a double edge sword because I have a very "all or nothing" side to my personality. It makes for extremes in my life - sometimes great for focusing on long-term goals (like training for an Ironman, or planning professional projects) and sometimes bad. (like being a work-a-holic, and managing an ongoing eating disorder/addictive personality)

So when trying to define "happy and healthy" I find myself contemplating balance because at the age of 45, it became clear to me and my husband in the last six months that it was a "healthy balance" of work and play that is missing from my life.

So here I am now, released from what society assumes are the traditional responsibilities of a married woman with no children. (full time work) Encouraged to explore, to play and to get my physical health back and define what "balance" is for myself.

5 by 50.

Here goes something...

Life is good, LiveSTRONG.