Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do as I say NOT AS I DO...


Again, I offer advice to my fellow triathletes and budding endurance junkies...

If you take a siesta from training after your first Ironman - say about 8-9 weeks and you jump back into training: THINK TWICE ABOUT DOING TWO WORKOUTS IN ONE DAY ON YOUR FIRST DAY BACK! Cause you will be very, VERY TIRED by the end of the day....

Yeah, I know ...D'OH! But I felt GOOD after 1700 yds with Team Z at the pool at 5:30AM yesterday morning and my husband was heading to the RECenter just a mile from our house for his evening workout so I just figured I would go with him and get in a nice easy 5K run on the treadmill.

NOTE: There is nothing "easy" about 5K when you have not been running steadily in about 8-9 weeks. You will suffer.

Here is the funniest part of the whole mis-adventure. I didn't EAT enough for a double workout. I should have had a small snack of fruit before I left for workout #2 but about 2 miles into my 3.1 mile SLOG on the treadmill, my stomach began to protest. LOUDLY and without any thought to how embarrassed I would be to be making such sounds in public!

One good side effect of this WORKOUT FIASCO...Dinner was VERY TASTY and I had no problems FALLING ASLEEP at the end of the day.

Only ONE (1) workout planned for today...and I already have an apple ready to snack on in prep for the workout.

Life is GOOD! LiveSTRONG!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Inertia is threatening to overtake me...

Take my ADVICE:
When you spend a year training for an Ironman-distance triathlon and the race has come and gone. Feel free to take 2-4 weeks off to relax and chill then then GET BACK TO THE BUSINESS OF WORKING OUT!

Even if you don't have any intentions of doing an Ironman the next year; (as is the case for me...) you'll feel much better if you roll right back into the routine before "inertia" settles in.

It's been 8 weeks since Beach2Battleship and with the exception of a few random runs (mostly in the form of races), I have fallen off the "TRAINING" bandwagon in a big way and now I am looking at "6 weeks to the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon." (and about 9 weeks until the Disney Princess Half Marathon.) I'm not expecting any PRs this early in the year, I'd be happy to finish both races with a smile on my face and the feeling that I am getting a good start to the new training season.

Speaking of "NEW TRAINING SEASON" - What exactly am I going to do in 2010. Well after the whirlwind that was 2009 - Getting Married and training TWICE in one year for Ironman - I'm going to settle for a more low-key year. I think I have earned that - LOL.

2010's focus is going to be on my overall FITNESS and WELL-BEING with some dedicated refocus on the CANCER to 5K program.


My TRI season is going to consist of Sprint-distance races for the Spring season with Team Z while I get in the necessary bike miles so that Jim and I can enjoy BIKE VIRGINIA this coming June. (5 days of long distance cycling)

Summer will be all about Columbia IRONGIRL with Team FIGHT!

Then come the fall; I'm seriously considering a HALF IRONMAN (70.3) distance race - maybe returning to Beach2Battleship with Team Z in November to do either the HALF or relay a FULL-distance *Z Team* (or a FULL-distance *SISTER TEAM*...depending on what's going on with her race schedule and life in general....)

I'm only registered for races through August (Columbia IRONGIRL) so that is keeping me *honest* and keeping my schedule open - as I promised I would do this year.


For all the training and wedding-prep in 2009; when all was said and done - I ended the year on the *up swing* with regard to the scale. Having always struggled with my weight, I'm committed to being more focused this year on preparing and eating healthy meals for myself and Jim. This is a big departure from the usual "diet to train - slim down for the race season - slack off in the winter" routine that we fall into. I'd really like to find a true balance with my body and after 10 years and thousands of training miles - it finally sunk in...

It's all about the FOOD.

So this year I am learning how to prepare and cook our meals and how to eat cleaner, less processed meals. Because after 10 years, the truth is that I have learned that it's not just calories in vs. calories out - it is about what kind of foods you are eating.

So we are moving away from the quick-fix, easy meals and moving towards a big lifestyle change. It won't be easy or fast but in the long run, both Jim and I will benefit from the changes. I'm lucky to be married to somebody who not only supports my crazy fitness goals but is supportive of my well-being and willing to try new things. This kind of change would be very difficult otherwise. I'm one LUCKY lady!


The CANCER to 5K program is going into it's 3rd FULL YEAR (so exciting!!!!!) and this year I am really hoping to push awareness of the program to the next level both locally in the Northern VA/DC Metro region and in the Howard County/Baltimore, MD region. There is alot of outreach and networking for me to do this year with the local cancer support groups and hospitals. I'm really going to be stepping out of my comfort zone but I know it needs to happen so I am excited(and a little scared...) to get started!

I'd really like to bring in some more new runners to our VA team this year and there are plans to expand the program to include a second training group in MD, which is very exciting! We are also in the process of planning a month-long ART SHOW with will include a SHOW OPENING/ FUNDRAISER in early April - so that is keeping myself and several dedicated volunteers very busy right now. Add to that that the Spring Training Group will start in Mid-March and things are BUSY (in a good way!)

Personally, I am considering taking a big step and doing the training to get my Level I Running /Coaching Certification and possibly a Personal Training Certification so I can take some specific courses as a Cancer Exercise Trainer in the next 2-3 years. Increasing my own personal knowledge of running and coaching and staying on top of the most recent research with regard to "Cancer and Exercise" seems like a logical next step.

Looking over my list now, these goals; along with my full time career, my new marriage and all the "unknowns" that are bound to pop up; are more than enough to keep me busy in 2010.

But it all needs to start with a simple run...and I'm suddenly feeling the urge to lace up my Brooks Adrenalines and get a little fresh air....

Life is GOOD! Happy New Year! LiveSTRONG in 2010!!!