Friday, October 25, 2013

Full Circles...8 Days and Counting

There have been requests for an update to this BLOG. Friends and Family who want to know WHAT IS GOING ON!


So I sat down to answer this question and realized something pretty significant in the process that blew my mind. 

To answer the question simply: YES, I am ready. I have done the hard work.
To be more specific: Over the last year I have....

• lost 20-pounds of fat and gained some significant muscle mass
•  put in the hours in the pool, including swim lessons to improve my wonky stroke
• put in the hours on the bike, including 4 century plus ride (100-miles or longer)
• upgraded to a TRI bike (2012 Felt B12)
• am finally running again... My posterior tibial tendon injury has been healing and while it looks like this will be my longest marathon finish time, I should be able to cover the 26.2 miles (after a 2.4 mile swim and 112-mile Bike) with no pain.

By the Training Numbers, since November 2012, I have covered...

• Swim: 64 miles
• Bike: 1899 miles
• Run/Walk: 305 miles

Now onto the "Significant Something that Blew My Mind"

In November 2006, there was this small idea brewing in the back of my mind. I thought it was a damn good idea but I was hesitant to share it with other people. I was worried that maybe I was wrong, that is wasn't such a good idea, that talking about it / sharing it with others, might be the beginning of the end. So it was on the weekend of November 3 while sitting on a deck enjoying champagne and chocolates and toasting my girlfriend's 2006 Ironman Florida finishes that I told the first people (aside from my future husband) about my idea for a free running program for fellow cancer survivors that would be called CANCER to 5K. My friends were very encouraging and supportive. Telling me that was a great idea and that I should definitely work to make it happen. Several even offered to help me try to figure out a way to get it funded once we got back to Virginia.

And that was how it all started...the courage and confidence to turn a small idea into an actual program began because I took a chance and shared with friends. While volunteering at my dream race, an Ironman.

And now here I sit, (7 years later) 8 days away from starting my third Ironman distance triathlon. (you can read about my other two Ironman races here: IM Lake Placid 2009 and Beach2Battleship 2009) Ironically the one North Amercia Ironman event that I said I "would never do because I hate swimming in the ocean." (Can you see the pattern, I like to do things that challenge me.)

To date, over 100 cancer survivors have completed the CANCER to 5K training program through the support of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults and an amazing group of volunteer Coaches and Sherpas. Well over 141 people have been a part of the CANCER to 5K training program and next Saturday, I have 140.6 miles to dedicate to every single one of them.

140.6 miles to think about how I have come full circle...and how one great idea can make a difference, a big difference, if only you take a chance and share and dare to dream. I'll be wearing my CANCER to 5K shirt for the 26.2 miles of the Marathon. It seems like the only way to cross the finish line of Ironman Florida 2013.


Life is Good! LIVESTRONG!