Thursday, July 30, 2009


Tuesday, July 29: It was my husband's idea and as I climbed in the mid-morning sun, watching the sunlight bounce off the AuSable River, I found some peace and some comfort. I ticked off the climbs, one at a time - Little Cherry... Big Cherry... Baby Bear... Mamma Bear... Pappa Bear... and rolled down Main Street to Mirror Lake Drive to meet my husband (who ride stronger/faster than I), fill a water bottle and head back the 19 miles back to our rental house in Jay. 38 miles roundtrip from the turn onto Rte 9N into Jay and on up 86 into Lake Placid and back - I felt stronger than Sunday - but still pretty sore from the previous day's "wild horsey rides" (aka - Aunt Holly's Crazy Leg Lifts) with my 3-year old Nephew.

How do you wrap your head around a DNF for the biggest race of your year and one of the bigger grander goals in your life so far?

You cry, you talk, you listen, you rationalize, you wish you could go "back in time and start the day again" and finally, you simply accept the day and find the strength to learn something from it and let it go. Then you get on your bike and you ride part of the course again - to make sure that it wasn't all in you head, that your fitness and training were on track, that you did, in fact, give it all you had on that particular race day.

Sunday, July 26: Woke up bright and early at 3:00AM and fixed a big bowl of oatmeal, a bagel and peanut-butter and a glass of milk. Eating at 3AM is really hard but I choked down the entire meal and Jim and I got on the road at 4AM to head into Lake Placid. We got to the shuttle bus as just about 4:50 and rode into the Olympic Oval/Transition/Finish. Jim waited while I dropped off my water bottles at the bike and pumped my tires and got body marked and then we walked to Mirror Lake Drive and I left Jim at the Team Z tent while I walked my special needs bags down to the drop off points.

Jim and I sat and relaxed with fellow Team Z teammates and friends and family. I ate a powerbar, drank a bottle of Gatorade and around 6:15 started my "wet suit dance". Lots of Teammates wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and then, wetsuit on and body glide applied, I headed down to the water with Heidi and Mary. We crossed the timing mats and eased into Mirror Lake. Rather than stand on the shore with the majority of the IRONMAN masses, I followed Heidi and Mary into the water to get wet, get calm and seed myself closer to the right of the start line, a little bit back and right.

I was calmer than I thought I would be. I was excited and trying to soak up the moment. This was the day, this was my day, this was IRONMAN and I was here. Incredible! The PRO field started their swim at 7:50 and then the National Anthem was sung. The start was rather anti-climatic. There was no formal countdown just the sudden "boom" of the starting gun and off we go to start the day. I had no real plan for the swim other than "Don't panic, find your pace and enjoy your first 2.4 mile swim."

SWIM: 1:49:56

I was surprised to have no problem finding some clear water and in Mirror Lake is was really easy for me to see the swimmers around me and move past them and find a pack to swim with. Right up to the first turn buoy, I just work my way from group to group staying a bit away from the cable. I knew my pace was slower than most so I counted on a lot less swimmers around by the time I got to the second turn buoy. From that point, the water was clear enough that I was able to swim within sight of the cable - which let me sight much less often and before I knew it I was coming out of the water and crossing the timing mat for my second lap.

The second lap was more of the same - swimming near the cable and passing and occasionally being passed by other swimmers. I was feeling a little more fatigued on lap two and found myself kicking more than the previous lap so I tried to focus more on pulling through the water and less on kicking to save my legs for the rest of the day.

Came out of the water about 4 minutes slower than I was anticipating but still solidly under the 2-hour mark and well on my way to my goal of being on the Bike course by 9AM. I was happy and got a chance to see my sister Heather and got some great Team Z cheers as I jogged from the shore of Mirror Lake into T1.

T1: 10:38

I jogged into transition, grabbed my bag and headed into the tent - where I got a wonderfully big cheer from my friend Keri who was volunteering the transition tent. She was free so she helped me get my gear out of my bag and get everything on. Jersey, Bike Vest, Socks, Bike Shoes, Race Belt, Helmet, Sunscreen - a quick stop at the port-o-potty and I was being handed my bike and off on the bike course.

BIKE: Loop 1 - 56 miles - 4:40 - DNF.

I started out the bike feeling decent. I did my best to get my heart down on the climb out of Lake Placid and by the time we started the 9K decent into Keene, I was feeling pretty good. Being near the back of the swim had an advantage on the long decent - it meant that I was able to pick the perfect line and lose very little free speed. I passed several fellow athletes on the descent and tried to settle into the ride along the AuSable River through Keene and Jay on the way to Upper Jay and the beginning of the climbing. I was sticking to my nutrition plan but found myself more thirsty than I had been on training rides.

Around mile 20, I make a quick stop but did not pee very much. Not too concerned because I had gone in T1 but still very thirsty, I grabbed a bottle of water at the aid station and continued on. As I turned left onto 9N and headed toward Wilmington, I kept trying to eat - but nothing tasted very good. The only thing I really wanted was more to drink - so I stuck to my Infinit. By mile 30, after the turn to the out-n-back at Hasleton Road - I was noticing a big lag in strength and I was feeling kind of light headed. I forced myself to eat an uncrustable (peanut-butter and jelly sandwich) and keep on my 10 minute drinking plan. I just kept trying to focus on my turn-over, keep my cadence up, smile at the Team Z mates who were on their way back from the turn-around and keep on going. I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade at the next Aid Station and headed towards the turn in Wilmington towards Lake Placid.

About a mile into the turn onto 86, my watch alarm went off to let me know it was 1230, 1 hour to the first loop cutoff and less than 11 miles to climb. As long as I stayed strong and steady, I would be just fine. I was feeling kind of bloated and I backed off drinking for the next 10 minutes - understanding that this was too soon into the ride to be having this many problems with nutrition. When my watch beeped for my next drink, I took a sip of my infinat and vomited. I simply spit the vomit out - rinsed my mouth and kept spinning - really not sure what to do next. I started crying on the bike and got mad at myself - There is no CRYING on the first loop of the Bike Course in IRONMAN! So I tried to calm myself down and just kept peddling. After another 10 minutes, I was able to get down a GU and some water from the last AID STATION - and my thirst came back with a vengeance - but my stomach was sloshing and very uncomfortable - it was horrible to be so thirsty but bloated. I just kept on spinning but I knew from a quick glance at the watch - that I was not climbing fast enough to make the first loop time check.

By the time I climbed Pappa Bear and was heading back into Lake Placid and Mirror Lake Drive/Bike Special Needs - my watch had told me all I needed to know. It was 1:40pm and I was 10 minutes passed the time check - there would be no second loop of the bike course for me - there would be no T2, no marathon. My IRONMAN race day was already over. As I got to the Olympic Oval, there was a Volunteer there to take my bike. I sat in the grass with another racer who missed the cuttoff for a bit while another Volunteer sat with us, telling us that he knew how we felt, he had the same experience and came back to "finish the following year." I appreciated all the kindness the Volunteers showed but was still pretty upset and frustrated and feeling bloated and thirsty. I asked a security Volunteer if she would take me to medical - so I could get some advice on how to get rid of my upset stomach. The escorted me over to the tent and put me on a scale and I was up 3 pounds - and I was still so thirsty.

The MED TENT Dr. started asking the typical questions:

"When the was last time you peed?" "Um, hmmm, Mile 20, I guess"

"How many watterbottles did you drink?" "Ummm, left with 4 on the bike - took 2 waters and a gatorade - 7 bottles, oh my..."

The immediate reaction: "Your not going anywhere until you pee, have a seat - let me get you some chips - your hyponatremic"

20 minutes later, having peed a little and with Jim, my husband by my side, I promised the MED TENT Dr. that I would eat some more salty snacks, sip V8 juice (not low sodium!) and not drink any more water until I was back to peeing normally.

As I sat in the Medical Tent, trying really hard to be strong and not cry - I was already making a plan for the rest of my day. I would come back and watch the last 2 hours of the FINISH and cheer my teammates in. I wouldn't sign up for IRONMAN USA 2010 - it was too much to ask of my husband BUT I was already feeling him out to see how he felt about me doing either ChesapeakeMan Ultra or Beach2Battleship this fall if my coach thought it was feasible and my body could handle the volume since I didn't end up going the full distance.

My husbands reaction: "No need to lose this hard earned fitness - let's look at the calender and see which is more realistic with our previously made plans." - I'm a very blessed woman, no doubt.

I found a magnet a few months ago that I thought was great and I bought it and put it in my office - I found that magnet staring at me this morning when I went in to pay some bills.

"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow."
-mary anne radmacher

Life is still GOOD. My goal is still alive - just got to make a few course corrections.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Checking in from Lake Placid

I am sitting in the family room in our house in Jay, NY. Twenty minutes outside of Lake Placid itself! My feet are up - on the couch for the next few hours until dinner - relaxing, waiting to watch IM World Championship on NBC at 2:30 EST.

The last workout (a 15/30/15 swim/bike/run brick) has been done. Sunshine (my bike) is racked in transition. My Bike and Run Bags are hanging on the rack near the change tents in the Olympic Oval. I have done two swims in Mirror Lake. 30 minutes on Thursday morning and 15 minutes this morning. It will probably be the only chance to swim on "the line" until the second lap of the swim tomorrow.

Mirror Lake is beautiful to swim in. It's going to be crowded in the morning but a nice way to start the day so long as the predicted "Thunderstorms" stay away. Can't control the weather and here in Lake Placid, what the weather man says has "Nothing to do with what the weather actually does." All I can do is be prepared and hope we all get lucky and get only random rain tomorrow.

My husband Jim did a loop of the bike course and said "Nice Course - I think you'll be okay as long as you are conservative on the first loop, you will pass a few people on the second loop." He has been cycling for 25 years and been keeping an eye on my cycling all season, and has gone from worrying for me to encouraging me that my bike fitness is solid. His observations along with a drive of the course by myself have me feeling that this course is going to be a challenge but there are no climbs that I can't settle into and climb over as long as I stay steady and keep my attitude in check. (Happy Thoughts - Finisher Thoughts)

I went to the athlete meeting last night in the pouring rain, got to see Shelley (TRI-DEAD) and got a good luck hug!

I've got to get my water bottles set and finish up my special needs bag but other than that - my work is done until 4AM tomorrow morning. Now is the time to relax and stay calm.

I'm happy, I'm feeling well rested and I am not very nervous....yet. Feels like tomorrow is a good day to go LONG for my 39th Birthday!

Life is Good! LiveSTRONG!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making a List and Checking it TWICE...

With just 6 days left until IRONMAN USA, this weekend was all about errands, packing and LISTS!  I have 8 different lists to help keep me organized and make sure that I don't forget anything.  

Inevitably, something will get left behind.  It's Murphy's Law so I try not to worry too much. Whatever is forgotten can be bought or borrowed - that's the advantages of doing big races with big race expos and a local bike shop (Placid Planet) that I hear is open 24 hours a day from Thursday until Saturday at 5PM this week.

So these are my lists, in general - modified to fit my particular needs.  I won't bore you with the details but if anybody wants a copy you can email me.


I began my list by borrowing Nancy's Lists from her IRONMAN Florida Prep and then modified them to suit me along with input from Team Z info from Coach Ed, a few books on TRI that I have laying around and my own personal experience over the last 8 years of triathlon.

Thinking over it now, I can't believe it has been 8 years since I towed the line at my first triathlon back in May 2001 at the Columbia Triathlon.

It's been a long and winding road to IRONMAN with a few side detours thrown in for good measure.  I met Jim, I was diagnosed with Cancer, we got Wallace & Grommette, I became an Aunt - twice!!, we started the CANCER to 5K program,  I have gotten married (to Jim!!) and along the way I have completed over 90 races.

Those 90 races have included:

• multiple 5K/8K & 10K road races
• multiple 1-Day Bike Events
• 2 LiveSTRONG Challenges
• 3 Ten-Milers
• 6 Half Marathons
• 3 Marathons (2003, 2005* on chemo & 2007)
• 15 Sprint/Olympic Distance TRIs
• 2 Half Ironman TRIs (4 attempts at the distance...)
• 8 Multi-Day BIKE tours (350+ miles per trip)
• 1 Muddy Buddy
• 1 Two-Mile SWIM Race

My life is more FULL than I could have ever dreamed!  This weekend's race is going to be a celebration of that! I'm going all out, full on...Why? 

Because this is the only way I know how to be!

Did I mention that IRONMAN USA just happens to be the day of my 39th Birthday?

YEP!  140.6 miles - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Life is GOOD!  LiveSTRONG!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

TWEET TWEET - test for bib #2227 updates in 2 virtual places at once!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BIB # 2227

It's official - I have a bib number - although they still list me under my maiden name even though they said they changed it (according to an email from WTC)

Whatever!  That's my number!

BIB # 2227

Don't wear it out!

Life is Good!  LiveSTRONG!

The TO-DO List is Growing....

12 Days and Counting to Ironman and my "TO DO" list has begun.  There is a lot to pack, a lot to consider and a fair amount of work at the office - plus another 10 days of "TAPER" workouts to complete.

The workouts are not a problem except that in some cases, like yesterday, it seems nearly pointless to go on a Zone 2 - 40 minute bike ride.  You don't get very far in 40 minutes in Alexandria, VA on your bike with traffic - so I made sure that my actual "RIDE TIME" was 40 minutes - the workout itself ended up being about 50 minutes out of the house. (Thanks traffic lights on Rte 1!)  Got about 11 miles in and that is when I have to remind myself that there was a time just 4 years ago when I was happy to ride even 7.47 miles on my bike....

Reality Check Complete! Life is Good!  Keep Living STRONG while I work on my "TO DO" list for Ironman USA!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phone Test for IM USA updates. 1234 GO HOLLY GO!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Let's just start this post by telling you that you are "LUCKY" that you don't work with me.  Because I have no tolerance for "Bull_Sh*t" at this time.  It makes "Customer Service" which is a good 50% of my job - difficult to manage right now.  I have very little interest in being polite, kind and gracious and jumping through extra hoops to correct mistakes that my customer should have caught on PROOF #1, 2 & 3!  I don't have time to read minds and I have gone from having "too little energy to care" to having "so much energy, I don't want to sit here and waste my time!"

All of this demonstrates, according to my other triathlete friends/teammates, that I am exactly where I need to be in my "Taper" for IRONMAN Lake Placid.

The shorter workouts are hard - last night's 4 x 1200's left me on the verge of re-tasting my peanut butter sandwich from an hour earlier.  BLAH!  But I got it done - 1200 at a 10:00 pace.  I guess post-IRONMAN I need to revisit all the reasons (EXCUSES) I have for not being able to run a sub-30 minute 5K because the speed is there when I try to access it.

My "Bike Legs" are present and accounted for.  In the last week, I have felt so strong on the bike and my average pace is confirming it.  I am climbing and riding faster in Zone 2.

Now with the short workouts, comes a lot more "Mental Prep."  I have been spending time thinking about Race Day, formulating my Race Plan and finding good CUES to get me through the "DARKNESS" that I have been told to expect around hour 7-8 of the bike.  

I have also been envisioning my transitions - From SWIM to BIKE , from BIKE to RUN and the all important "FINISH LINE moment."  Even now, thinking about these moments gets me all Emotional and put the Butterflies in overdrive. 

Still working out the "Flight Pattern for those darn Butterflies...."

Life is GOOD! 
Living STRONG!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Montclair Tri Photos...




Maybe I should have had that extra skin removed from my arms and thighs when the plastic surgeon offered! LOL My legs look like the legs of a 70 year old!  SHEESH!! 

Still the smile and the thumbs up say it all - "No MORE DNFs!"


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

3 Weeks....

I was looking at the calendar for work purposes when it hit me....

IRONMAN Lake Placid is 3 weeks from this coming Sunday. (July 5)

OMG! Now I am sitting at my desk with butterflies going nuts in my tummy...