Thursday, July 09, 2009


Let's just start this post by telling you that you are "LUCKY" that you don't work with me.  Because I have no tolerance for "Bull_Sh*t" at this time.  It makes "Customer Service" which is a good 50% of my job - difficult to manage right now.  I have very little interest in being polite, kind and gracious and jumping through extra hoops to correct mistakes that my customer should have caught on PROOF #1, 2 & 3!  I don't have time to read minds and I have gone from having "too little energy to care" to having "so much energy, I don't want to sit here and waste my time!"

All of this demonstrates, according to my other triathlete friends/teammates, that I am exactly where I need to be in my "Taper" for IRONMAN Lake Placid.

The shorter workouts are hard - last night's 4 x 1200's left me on the verge of re-tasting my peanut butter sandwich from an hour earlier.  BLAH!  But I got it done - 1200 at a 10:00 pace.  I guess post-IRONMAN I need to revisit all the reasons (EXCUSES) I have for not being able to run a sub-30 minute 5K because the speed is there when I try to access it.

My "Bike Legs" are present and accounted for.  In the last week, I have felt so strong on the bike and my average pace is confirming it.  I am climbing and riding faster in Zone 2.

Now with the short workouts, comes a lot more "Mental Prep."  I have been spending time thinking about Race Day, formulating my Race Plan and finding good CUES to get me through the "DARKNESS" that I have been told to expect around hour 7-8 of the bike.  

I have also been envisioning my transitions - From SWIM to BIKE , from BIKE to RUN and the all important "FINISH LINE moment."  Even now, thinking about these moments gets me all Emotional and put the Butterflies in overdrive. 

Still working out the "Flight Pattern for those darn Butterflies...."

Life is GOOD! 
Living STRONG!

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