Saturday, July 25, 2009

Checking in from Lake Placid

I am sitting in the family room in our house in Jay, NY. Twenty minutes outside of Lake Placid itself! My feet are up - on the couch for the next few hours until dinner - relaxing, waiting to watch IM World Championship on NBC at 2:30 EST.

The last workout (a 15/30/15 swim/bike/run brick) has been done. Sunshine (my bike) is racked in transition. My Bike and Run Bags are hanging on the rack near the change tents in the Olympic Oval. I have done two swims in Mirror Lake. 30 minutes on Thursday morning and 15 minutes this morning. It will probably be the only chance to swim on "the line" until the second lap of the swim tomorrow.

Mirror Lake is beautiful to swim in. It's going to be crowded in the morning but a nice way to start the day so long as the predicted "Thunderstorms" stay away. Can't control the weather and here in Lake Placid, what the weather man says has "Nothing to do with what the weather actually does." All I can do is be prepared and hope we all get lucky and get only random rain tomorrow.

My husband Jim did a loop of the bike course and said "Nice Course - I think you'll be okay as long as you are conservative on the first loop, you will pass a few people on the second loop." He has been cycling for 25 years and been keeping an eye on my cycling all season, and has gone from worrying for me to encouraging me that my bike fitness is solid. His observations along with a drive of the course by myself have me feeling that this course is going to be a challenge but there are no climbs that I can't settle into and climb over as long as I stay steady and keep my attitude in check. (Happy Thoughts - Finisher Thoughts)

I went to the athlete meeting last night in the pouring rain, got to see Shelley (TRI-DEAD) and got a good luck hug!

I've got to get my water bottles set and finish up my special needs bag but other than that - my work is done until 4AM tomorrow morning. Now is the time to relax and stay calm.

I'm happy, I'm feeling well rested and I am not very nervous....yet. Feels like tomorrow is a good day to go LONG for my 39th Birthday!

Life is Good! LiveSTRONG!

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Good luck tomorrow. Most importantly, enjoy the journey.