Friday, June 03, 2005

An update on this week - 7.47 miles of reality

Well, I'm still here and I am 11 treatments away from being done with the "high dose" segment of this adventure. That is 3 treatments closer than I was on Monday, so I will take it. Here's a brief summary of my week.
MON - Bike Picnic with Jim! I was able to ride my bike approximately 7.47 miles and that was as far as I was going! 37 minutes on the Mt. Vernon Trail. To my credit, we started the ride with the last 3 miles "up" to Mt. Vernon. To my dismay at the turn around at Mt. Vernon (after a short incline of less than 200m) I was hanging over my handle bars gasping like I was when I climbed parts of the 8% gradient of Col de la Madeline in the French Alps last year. I have no grand "illusions" that I am going to sneak the "Dragonfly Sprint Triathlon" into my schedule in 3 weeks. [For the record, I did briefly entertain that fantasy last week, that is what a week of low dose Interferon will do to you!!]

TUES - Walked 2 miles (15.:30 minute miles!), Worked from home for a few hours (Graphic Designer, have G4 Mac laptop - can work anywhere), 40 MIU Interferon - Treatment 7 Complete!

WED - Still feeling good. Walked 2 miles, Worked from home, 40 MIU Interferon - Treatment 8 Complete! Slight headache around bedtime.

THURS - Feel good, look AWFUL! Woke to dry mouth and the "metal taste" is back, Swollen face, pale. Walked 1.5 miles (16:30 pace), Worked from home, 40 MIU Interferon - White Blood Cell count dropping Blood sent out to check liver and prepped by Tess (oncology nurse extroidinaire) that I "might get a 3 day weekend" - Treatment 9 completed!

FRI - Current Status - BLAH! All the "side effects" I blamed on Morphine two weeks ago, I have now come to realize, are specifically "Interferon related". Last night I had a "headache" that reduced me to a lump on my favorite chair. I followed that up with a nice case of "insomnia" that lasted well into 2AM before I began "cat-napping" every hour or so. I woke up this morning on the edge of nausea and I am up 5 pounds in weight from Wednesday morning. I think it is safe to say that I really didn't eat THAT MUCH Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in 48 hours.

I don't have high hopes for getting to Treatment 10 today. I don't "FEEL" right and I understand now that something is definitely going on with my body today. Well see what the bloodwork says at 1:30pm.
So I have come to accept that 20 Treatments may take 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks. My body is handling as much as it can before it cry's "UNCLE" and I apologized to my liver this morning for missing the signals last time. But now we are in synch so I can be a better advocate.

We got some great pics from Monday's bike picnic but I have no idea how to work the camera-download "thingamajiggee" so I will post them tomorrow with an update on the final status of "Treatment 10".

I hope everybody is doing well and had a wonderful week!

I'm living STRONG and "babying" my liver here in Arlington, VA.


kerihadley said...

be good to your liver. it's there for a reason. beer.....

nancytoby said...

Hang in there, kid, we're cheering for you! I looked up the Dragonfly to see if I could do it for you, but if you mean the one in MS, it's a little far for me. :(