Monday, June 27, 2005

20 Miles - A good starting point

Yesterday I got back on the bike! Jim and I did our moderately hilly Fort Hunt route at a slow pace for a total of 20 miles. Since Jim pulled his back on vacation lifting a computer monitor and my bike riding as been less than 7 miles in the last month, we thought that we did just fine.

Personally, I am thrilled with the fact that I was able to ride 20 miles yesterday and don't have much muscle soreness today. I did take a heck of a nap yesterday afternoon, as did Jim. We are nappers at heart, truth be told, so there is not much surprise that we napped after what other endurance junkies would consider a short ride. Still any ride is better than not riding at all!

Today's plan is to hit the road for a short run of 20-30 minutes with run/walk intervals of 3/1. This gives me a chance to see just how much fitness I have for running and start fresh on my Army 10 miler/Marine Corps Marathon races in 18 weeks. I'd also like to get in the pool some time this week and see how my swimming stroke goes. My left arm needs some help getting strength back and I think the swimming will do that very well. Besides, I actually miss the pool!

My other stop today will be to my general doc, Dr. Bui, to determine the cause of all these sinus headaches and earaches of the last 2 weeks. I suspect that I may have my first "sinus infection" and a round of antibiotics may be in order.

In other news, I am going to attempt to return to work this week, on Thursday to be specfic. The plan is to start back at a 5 hour work day for the first week or two while I adjust to the low-dose shots and how I feel the morning after. I am looking forward to going back to work. A life of leisure doesn't suit me unless I can use the free time to enjoy my endurance hobbies to their fulllest, so rather than short walks and lots of reading, I would much rather be in the office doing graphic design work and making money to register for races and buy new triathlon gear.

6 days til Le Tour!! Le Tour Baby!

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Oldman said...

welcome back. glad you had a good visit at back to WORK! noce 20 mile ride!