Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Choices ...

Every moment we are faced with multiple choices and it never ceases to amaze me when somebody chooses to be miserable or look at the dark side of things. I mean the expression might seem cliche but "ATTITUDE really is everything" and a change in attitude can change the entire course of your life.

I have met many people who seem to think that "suffering" is the only choice they have. They have gone through their entire adult lives being a victim and wonder why they "can't get a break". They are the first to complain and they are the first to tell you how much worse their lives are than yours. Sometimes I wonder what might happen if I simply said, "Wow, I'm sorry you have gotten so many tough breaks but what are you doing now?"

I believe we are all entitled feel whatever we want to feel. I believe on some levels you must "suffer" to grasp the reality of your current situation. Whatever the circumstance: illness, cancer, work, a marathon, insert your personal situation here __________.

I also believe the true test of a person's ability to survive and thrive comes when you accept and acknowledge that you are suffering and then you make the CHOICE to do something about it. That my friends is ATTITUDE ....

and frankly "ATTITUDE is everything!"

WHAT'S HOT RIGHT NOW HOLLY?: Looks like surgery #3 of the year is going to be Jim's to tackle. I'm just a cheerleader this time!! GO JIM GO!! Seems that his aching back pain is a bulging disc in his lower lumbar region and he has an inguinal hernia that will need surgery in the next few weeks. Oh the joys of "general anesthesia" !!

Funniest thing though, his DR. recommended my surgeon Dr. Wagner !! We got a good laugh out of that and considered it some good karma! Dr. Wagner ROCKS!

So at this point, I can say that Jim has pulled ahead of me in the "2005 Holly-Jim MEDI-athalon" we have going. Interferon shots ain't got nothing on back pain and hernias. Heck, I just feel like I have a bad cold.

At this point we have decided that we are going to try to get all our major medical issues done this year. We figure it means that 2007 will be our year of the "Uber-athletes" and the unltimate in Personal Records and a great racing season.

Some days it is best just to smile and make light of it....Your happier that way.

Living STRONG in VA where Attitude is everything


nancytoby said...

Holly, you just plain rock. Your spirit is infectious! Sorry we missed riding together, but maybe that nasty thunderstorm that passed through would have been a bit of a problem! Anyway, we'll do it soon.... would love to catch up on things with you!

TriFeist said...

A lot of research that goes into resiliency. Why do some people bounce back and others wallow in sorrow? You've obviously made your choice. :-)

Sorry to hear that your couplehood has another surgery on the horizon. Back pain is no fun.

Best of luck prepping for a KILLER 2007 season. You guys will rock!