Wednesday, June 15, 2005


It is HOT in Mississippi.

Jim and I had an uneventful drive south over the weekend and we have been enjoying his Mother's wonderful home cooked meals, his Dad's great stories and the beauty of the family farm. Other than watching out for fire ant beds, our walks through the fields to check out the frogs, turtles and dragonflies have been fun.

Still I have to say: It is HOT down here! A good "sweat out the Interferon" kind of HOT. The first 4 days have been okay. I feel better today than I have so far the entire trip. My sinuses are a little more sensative than I am accustomed but last night I actually had to put some salt and pepper on my food, which means my tastebuds are coming back to normal! YEAH!

Rest and Relaxation is just what the Dr. ordered and I am doing my best to follow that Rx. I even managed to finish a book! That is the first time in 4 weeks!

Did I mention it was HOT down south? I am such a whiny YANKEE! Hehehe


Flatman said...

Mississippi is not south nor hot.

-- Come see us in Texas! --

TriFeist said...

Welcome to my world. Texas may be hotter but Florida is none too shabby. 1/4 cup of water squeezed out of my hair this morning as I removed my hairband. EWWWW!!! It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

Enjoy your relaxing time in Mississippi. You deserve it.