Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Love Enough for Two ...


We picked up Wallace and Grommet on Saturday morning and have been spending the last 4 days getting to know them and adjusting to "Life with Kittens". There are certainly adjustments ... but we are all doing well!

The kitty litter is in the basement and the kittens are finding it on their own. (THANK GOSH!) They already roam the house freely but are quick to "call" when they feel lost and find each other or one of us, whomever responds first.

They have very distinct personalities so far.
Grommet, the silver girl is petite and is the oldest by a week and is far less skittish than Wallace. When there is a big noise or something new she gets very still still, sits and watches. She didn't even leave the room when the vaccume cleaner came on. She just waited until I was done and then came over to check the machine out once it was done making the big noises. She talks a little less than Wallace but purrs up a storm!
Wallace, on the other hand, is a such a baby! He is almost twice as big as Grommet but very quick to hide and talks constantly. Meow, Meow .. Feed Me. Meow, Meow ... Where are you? Meow, Meow ... Let's Play!

Wallace is a total lap cat and was right from the start. Grommet prefers to lay near you and only comes to you lap on her terms.

Jim and I are already both so smitten!! We don't even need alarm clocks any more. At 5:45 on the dot, those kittens are on the bed "Meow, Meow" .. We think it is a sunrise thing and hope they will sleep in on occasion when the winter comes but somehow, I doubt that.

I managed to get two runs in over the Holiday Weekend and enjoyed a great Pre-4th of July picnic with good friends. Life is Good!

Here are some pictures of the kittens from this weekend. They are just 14 weeks old and still in their "fuzzy stage" so their markings are not very clear yet but they are going to be "STUNNING" as they get older. Wallace is already showing "glitter" and when you see him in person, he looks like velvet. Grommet has spots all over her belly and great tail stripes that are going to really POP when she loses her kitten coat. I can't wait to watch them change!


Shelley said...

OH MY!!!!! They are adorable...they look like they're alot of fun too!!

Cliff said...

those are very nice cats. The last pic is amazing. I can never get my cats to be like that.

nancytoby said...

I LOVE YOUR KITTIES!!! I especially like the all-curled-up photo. :-)

Amazon Alanna said...

The pic of Wallace and Grommet cuddling is so cute, I don't know what I'll do. I will show it to my husband, who will totally freak out.

Peter said...

Some cat truths:

- You never own a cat; it owns you (And don't you forget it!)

- Cats sleep to keep the earth turning on its axis. It's a very responsible job, and takes a lot of effort.

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