Saturday, July 08, 2006

Getting back to it....

While I had a fantastic time at Bike VA, I have to confess that getting back to a regular workout schedule and gearing up for the Maine 1/2 Marathon has been a little harder than I expected. I think that is because "getting back to normal" has been happening slower than I thought it would. I have been told that sometimes this is the case after Chemo. Life settles into a new normal with out all of the "sense of urgency" that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

I imagine it would be like working in the ER for a year and then switching to your own "Personal Practice"... suddenly thing are a little quiet and your not quite sure what to do next.

So this week I have been focusing on getting back to running. I am still doing RUN/Walk intervals but I am trying to focus on my running form. Yesterday's workout went well. I finished my rolling 5K route in just under 40 minutes. I really didn't want to go on the workout but I just let my inner coach tell me "Just F**ing Run" and I did it.

Felt good at the end of the workout...just like I usually do. And of course then I was happy that I got out there. And my reward for my workout? Being greeted by Wallace and Grommet. It seems that Grommet has a thing for my running shoes. She kept laying up against mine and decided that I was good enough to nap on, even if I was trying to stretch.

Find a shoe, lay on it!

Here, let me help you stretch...

Whatcha doing?

Nap time!!


Amazon Alanna said...

Good for you for listening to Coach Inner-Holly!

The kittens are just toooooooo much.

Miss Melanoma said...

Great post! Really inspires me to get back into my routine, too. Keep up the good work, and be patient. You're doing great!

-Miss M

Kim said...

Kitten are too cute! I'm sure they bring a smile to you everyday.

I'm so proud of you, and be patient, your routine will come back as strong as ever.

Hang tough Lady,

TriFeist said...

You have cats. You don't get to stretch. You can pet them and provide places to nap but that's about it. :)

Sounds like a good workout. Keep it going!

Ellie said...

It's understandable that it would take a little time to get your bearings again. You're doing bautifully. And the kittens are gorgeous!! Grommet looks just like a snow leopard!

*jeanne* said...

Wallace and Grommit are ADORABLE!!!
Cats like to join in when you try to do Yoga floor exercises. It's a blast! (but they're much more FLEXIBLE than we humans tend to be!)