Friday, June 30, 2006

Bike VA - Tour of Love

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!!! It is a wonderful thing and our trip was beautiful and we hardly had any rain compared to everybody here at home in the Metro DC area. Here is a brief synopsis with pictures and mileage!


Bike Miles: Holly & Jim - 60 miles

Number of Dogs: 10 dogs, 9 of them chilling in the humidity ...

Summary of Ride: Gentle Rolling thru SouthHill, VA's famous Tobacco fields. The pit stops were EXCELLENT!

Funniest Moment: Dog #10; a white, yappy poodle mix was barking up a storm and chasing some cyclists up the street...until she tried to slide into her front yard and FORGOT that their was a drainage ditch before the yard started. That is the first time I have ever seen a dog do a full front somersault and from the dog's reaction, it was his first time doing one. He immediately STOPPED running and simply stood where he landed and barked at us from afar.

Best Rest Stop: Rest Stop #2 (see picture below)


Bike Miles: Holly - 62 miles Jim - 105 miles

Number of Dogs: 5 dogs, all of them mellow

Summary of Ride: Rolling Downhill toward Emporia, VA and Hot, Hot, Hot!! Tobacco fields everywhere! Lots of GOOD Watermelon and COLD Water!


Bike Miles: Holly & Jim - 40 miles

Number of Dogs: 3 dogs, one was a 3-legged beagle who ran up and down the fields, wagging his tail and howling his "WELCOME" as we entered a REST STOP at his farm....

Coolest thing on the side of the road: A Boy Scout house make entirely of natural things from the area (think wood, nuts, rock, shells). This dragon was the COOLEST!

Summary of Ride: BLUE SKY .... SPRINKLES ... BLUE SKY ... DOWNPOUR...BLUE SKY ...REPEAT... More Rolling Downhill toward Roanoake Rapids, NC ....Wet, Tired and Happy. Still smiling at lunch at the end of the ride!


Bike Miles: Holly & Jim - NONE

Number of Dogs: 2 dogs who lived near the Interstate Inn where we stayed ..

Summary of Day: RELAX and dodge the Rain Showers ... Went to the Matinee Movies ($2.00!!!!) and saw "CARS"


Bike Miles: Holly & Jim - 60 miles

Number of Dogs: 2 dogs (same one from Monday)

Photo Op: Valentine Post Office in Valentine, VA

Summary of Ride: Gentle Uphill, mostly rolling back to SouthHill, VA. No Rain but HOT by ride end! I had a little trouble with my lower back being sore and my kidneys were not keeping up with my water intake so my pace was SLOW ... so slow that Jim had time to get to camp, get our car and luggage AND still be waiting for me at the finish with a smile, hug and dry clothes! Man do I LOVE that part of being slower than him on the bike!


Holly: 220 miles over 5 days
Jim: 265 miles over 5 days

BIKE VA Vacation Summary: WONDERFUL TIME on the BIKE! Lots of open rolling farm roads, a lot of sunscreen, a little rain and no flats!!! Life on a BIKE is GOOD!


nancytoby said...

Yay! I'm delighted you had good weather - I was worried about you!! You both look SO HAPPY in your pics!! How fun!!! That's some great mileage, too! Well done!

TriFeist said...

Those photos are great! What a fun time! That's some impressive bike mileage as well.

Iron Benny said...

I like the way you ended the post "lots of sunscreen". I was watching Ironman Couer d' Alene last weekend and it dawned on me. I was watching young, smoth, tan, muscle toned athletes run by, and every now and again, an older, wrinkly, tan, saggy person would run by. I realized, if I don't take care of my skin, that is how I'll end up, at a minimum. Things could be much worse than just appearance, but I don't have to tell you that. I just wanted you to know that everytime it crossed my mind, I thought of you. You were on my mind alot. I have dedicated myself to better skin care. I was always pretty cautious, but I could've been better. Now, I will be better, I promise. Thanks for being mysymbol for this important lesson.

Cliff said...

What a happy bike trip..oh this is what cycling is all about..

Bolder said...

well done holly, well done!

keep living strong.

Peter said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Keep it up.

surferchickHG said...

yeay! it looks like you had a great vacation!