Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oopps!! HeHeHeHe

So Wednesdays are bike commuter day. It is a good way to get some bike miles in and still have the evening to do other stuff. The ride itself is not very difficult or long. It is 13 miles to and from work (26 mile round trip) and follows the Potomac River with no big hills to speak of just some moments of effort.

The course is predominately bike trail and so the hazards are the occasional recreational biker and the flocks of runners but trail manners in this area are better than most. We have more dedicated users during the week and everybody makes room for everybody else by staying to the right, calling out when passing and being fairly predictable in behavior.

I tell you the course nature so that you can appreciate what happen to me today.

I know this route to work and home very well. I have been on these trails for about 5 years. After 5 years, you know which little climbs need a little jump out of the saddle, which require a nice easy spin and when you can coast and chill.

So yesterday's trip home was HOT and WINDY! I don't mind either but both together makes you feel like you are riding in an oven with the fans on. I'd rather have a cool headwind than a hot headwind any day. So here I was on the trail, heading home at a moderate pace. My only goal - HOME - no extra miles, no extra effort, just a good base mileage ride. I had a lot on my mind, I am working on plans for a Baby Shower, I have to pack for Bike VA, the kittens are coming home in less than 10 days and I still have decided where the kitty litter will be .... On and on my brain went.

So you an imagine my SHOCK when I looked up to navigate a detour in the trail and realized .... I MISSED A CLIMB!

No I didn't go off course and I hadn't gone a different route, I was simply so distracted by what was going on in my head that I did the climb with no effort at all! It was so easy that I didn't even remember doing it!

Now I have to laugh because I don't know if I should be THRILLED that my fitness is coming back enough to make that small climb a non-issue or WORRIED that my "coming off of Interferon" brain is able to loose a full mile worth a riding!

HEHEHEHE ... I will choose to be THRILLED! Bike VA is going to be a trip folks!! I might even feel *FIT* by the time I get back!

But for now, back to packing and list of things to do!

Keep Living STRONG!

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*jeanne* said...

What a GREAT story!!
That happens to me sometimes running. I'm not comfortable on a bike right now, so it will be a LONG time before that happens during a ride for me.

But you must be STRONG to have missed the HILL! :-)