Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Somebody who inspires me..

This is Rosey (top) and Elly (bottom) and they live in Upstate New York with my Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim.

They may look like simple barn cats but they are more than that ....

They are "Anti-Depressants" that purr ...

My Uncle Jim is one of my "LiveSTRONG" Heros. About a year before my own diagnosis, I found out that he was diagnosed with colon cancer. The Doctors prognosis was grim... less than a year. Early on, when I heard about his cancer, I sent him and my Aunt a set of Live STRONG bracelets and told him about Lance Armstrong. My Aunt then went on-line and bought 20 bracelets to hand out of fellow patients at Uncle Jim's chemo center. That is the kind of woman my Aunt is! Strong and full of Positive Energy.

My Uncle, Jim Bowdish has been fighting hard and strong for over 2 years now. That shows how much Doctors know about strength and will especially from a real tough Yankee.

He is currently on the last kind of chemo they can give him and Each round of chemo has worked at keeping the cancer at bay which is what we want. His next step is to look for clinical trials. He and Aunt Pat work hard with his Doctors to keep on top of new chemo drugs because you never know when another will be approved in the next weeks or months. He will be 72 in Sept and Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in the same month!

His fight continues daily and he is the epitome of what it means to "Live STRONG". Whenever I felt sorry for myself over this past year, I would think of him and know that I was not the only one fighting. And he is one of the reason that I am planning to ride the LiveSTRONG ride in Philly in September!!

$1440.00 raised ... only 3660.00 to go! Thanks to everybody who has contributed so far!

Keep Living STRONG Y'all!

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