Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Waiting for the "ALL CLEAR"

We interrupt this very busy week of work, company and life in general to share that I had my first round of "follow-up" CT scans (brain, thorax, abdomen & pelvis) yesterday and I think it is safe to assume that my digestive system can't handle the "iodine & apple juice" mix. UGH!! I did *not* feel too good after two large glasses of that mix.

I don't recall getting sick on the chalky milkshakes they made me drink last time so I guess I will request those instead next time around.

Waiting for the official "all clear" and enjoying the fact that I only take a One-A-Day and Vitamin C every morning now!

Back to work ... more to share on the weekend later!!



XF-15DCC said...

"iodine & apple juice" mix. UGH!!"

I feel your pain. The crap I had tasted like a spoiled pina collata...(shudder) I'm sure you will get the "all clear"



Cliff said...

Oh i remmeber that. I use have to drink lots of that stuff for my CT scan as well.

Cliff said...

YAY...waiting ot hear the good news.

Granny said...

Hi, Holly.

I just came over from Nancy Toby to say best wishes.


Flatman said...

I am so happy for you, Holly! Can't wait for the good news!!!!!