Monday, June 19, 2006

On the Go & 15 seconds of Fame ...

In an effort to break my "Diet Coke" habit and cut down on my general sodium intake, I have started drinking water at lunch with raspberry Lemonade - Crystal Light -On the Go! ...

I just don't have the heart to simply squeeze lemon in my water so it is worth the 5 calories to have some taste and 28 grams less sodium. I want to reduce my Diet Coke habit to 1-2 bottles (20 oz.) a week instead of 1-2 per day.

This weekend was VERY PRODUCTIVE indeed! I did a 3 mile run/walk on Saturday which left me convinced that it is time for new running shoes. While I didn't "feel" like I was going very slowly, the chrono on my watch indicated otherwise. I think it might have something to do with the temperature at the time of my run (75 F) and the long sleeve running shirt that I ran in IN ADDITION to the shoes. When I took a look at them after the run, I notice that I have no tread left ... Shame on me ...Bad Runner Girl ... So I bought some new shoes this weekend!

The new shoes are Men's ASICS® GEL -Kayano® XII (I have big feet so I feel more comfortable in Men's running shoes) and they are so pretty and comfy ... I feel like I am wearing slippers! I can't wait to break them in this week!

On Sunday I did leisurely 40 mile BIKE ride on my own on the trails here in the area. I rode up to my old neighborhood in Falls Church, VA and then back home. Again, a slow pace but I don't really care right now ... I am just happy to get out and ride my bike. I am really looking forward to Bike VA 2006 this coming weekend! 5 days of me and Jim and our bikes! Doesn't get much better!!

Finally, I have almost used up my 15 minutes of Fame .... I was recently interviewed and had a small quote in an article here in U.S. News & World Report ... it is on newstands today.

My quote is at the very end of the article and it one of many pieces that was written by by Katherine Hobson. Included in the issue is a piece on time management (here) in which Nancy Toby was interview and quoted too!

Now ...on with a new week! Did I mention that my new kittens Wallace and Grommet are coming HOME on July 1st?

Bike Vacation followed by Kittens AND an article in U.S. News?

Life is good! Keep Living STRONG!


nancytoby said...

Yay for our 15 milliseconds of fame!! :-)

Um, that would be milligrams of sodium, not grams, right? 28 grams of sodium is like 20 teaspoons of salt. :-)

Just here to help....!!

Holly said...

it probably is miligrams .. but the way that I LOVE salt .. it could be grams ...

:) After a run or a long bike ride, you could say I resemble a salt lick ...