Friday, November 10, 2006

Coming up for a gulp of air...

I am so sorry!! I know that I owe you all a report on the LiveSTRONG Summit, an Ironman Florida Volunteer Report AND that I need to check in, in general.

To say the last 3 weeks have been busy in an understatement. I have not been in my own bed for more than 4 days in a row in over 3 weeks and this weekend, Jim and I are heading out of town AGAIN!

I have a work deadline that is very high profile and coming up on November 16th. After that, I am not traveling ANYWHERE until December 23rd. All my company is coming to me and I get to make a big-O-turkey!!

So ... endulge me please friends. I know that I owe you stories and pictures and they are coming! They are good too!! So they are worth the wait, I promise!

Okay ... deep breath and now back under .... Hope you are all doing well and Living STRONG!

1 comment:

*jeanne* said...

Go on, gulp all you want! It's GOOD for you!

You're doing awesome! :-)