Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yes I am ALIVE and Kicking...

A month is too long to try to catch up on everything in great detail - so you'll have to be satisfied with some HIGHLIGHTS of the last 4 weeks. Needless to say I have been busy LIVING LIFE! So the blog fell to the wayside. Let me reassure you all that everything is GREAT and there is a big SHIFT on the horizon for me...more on that later...

So here are the highlights:

May 25th - Memorial Day Weekend - Wilderness Road Ride - 36 miles

Jim and I went out to southwest Virginia's beautiful New River Valley to ride our bikes. It was my first ride with the new compact crank system on my bike - Note to Self: make sure you are familiar with your gearing BEFORE you tackle climbing hills again! It was a much slower pace than I was hoping for but the weather was perfect and so was the company! What more could a girl ask for? Okay, maybe some more speed on the bike but that will return, in time.

June 1st - Capital Crescent 5K - Bethesda, MD with Team CANCER to 5K

Holly's 5K Race Time: 38:26

The first of two races for our CANCER to 5K program runners was a big success! The course was moderately flat and shaded and well attended. We had a total of 11 folks from the group show up to run/cheer and support Denny and Thomas on their first 5K races! The smiles as the guys finished say it all!

Denny finishing strong!

Thomas smiles as he nears the finish

June 8th - Survivor Harbor 7 - Baltimore, MD with Team CANCER to 5K

Holly's 5K Race Time: 37:28

The second of two races for our CANCER to 5K program runners was also a big success in spite of the major heat wave and index temperature of 110F. We had a group of 20 runners along with plenty of family and friends represented at the finish line. Jessica T., Helen S. and Beth S. had fantastic races and our very own CT5K runner turned volunteer, Ben F., actually took 2nd place Overall in the Open Men Survivor category and took home a trophy for his hard days run!

It was a fantastic way to wrap up the SPRING 2008 CANCER to 5K program.  


Jess T. looking great after 7 miles - the finish is close!

Beth S. and her CT5K crew nearing the finish of 5K

Big smiles for Beth S. at the finish line!

Helen S. looking happy and strong at the end of 5K!

Ben F. moving his way through the last water stop,
on his way to 2nd Male Survivor Overall!

Most of Team CANCER to 5K at the finish of Survivor Harbor 7

It was also a fantastic weekend because joining me for the entire weekends adventures were my sisters Heather and Cathy (who was too camera-shy...) and my darling nephew Rowen who definitely stole all the attention away from everybody in his little custom CT5K T-shirt! Mixed in between several drives to Baltimore that weekend was a wonderful trip to the Zoo with Rowen, Heather and Cathy. 

Oh and for those of you who don't already know, my newest NEPHEW  "Baby Kain" was also there - Of course, he is still hanging out "in utero" for now but come October, we expect him to present himself formally!

Heather, Baby Kain (in utero) and Rowen
go for a walk around the finish line expo!

June 9-20th - Two week hiatus for Holly

From the time the Survivor Harbor 7 race ended on Sunday afternoon until the time that Jim came home from two weeks of travel, I was on my own with only Wallace and Grommette (our Bengal cats) to take care of. I didn't do much of anything outside of work and a few easy runs and that was A-OK! I needed some quality "ME" time. As it is, the week of the 9-13 was Graduation time at the University so work was very busy. I feel no guilt for staying "incognito" for two weeks. I did take some time out from my break to cheer on one of my favorite CT5K volunteers - Arnetta D., as she did her FIRST TRIATHLON! She raced the Manassas Mini TRI on Sunday, June 15th and did an EXCELLENT JOB! Yet another runner converted into a crazy Triathlon Geek!! 

June 21st - Run for the Rainforest 5K

Holly's 5K Race Time: 37:02

This past Saturday, after 2 failed attempts due to extreme thunder and lightening storms, I ran the Run for the Rainforest 5K. The goal of this 5K was simply to run each mile "IN HONOR" of the two CT5K runners from our Spring program who were unable to complete the program due to injuries (not training related) they sustained. So Mile 1 was for Jess D., Mile 2 was for Cindy C. and Mile 3 was run "IN HONOR" of my close friend and CCC teammate Cindy H., who is currently undergoing a second round of Chemotherapy for a Breast Cancer reoccurrence. I was joined on the run by Jessica T. and her friend Charron and Ben F. and Arnetta D and Jess and Charron's guys met us at the finish line with lots of cowbells ringing! It was a great run and a good chance to get out and run for friends who can't right now.

So I would say that brings you to the PRESENT. I may post more pictures later on but I may not...I'm not going to make promises that I can't keep. I will say that as my life is shifting into a new, better NORMAL, my BLOG focus is shifting as well. There are some big things on the horizon and as they come to fruition, I will share them with you but for now, consider yourselves officially UP-TO-DATE in my life for the past month!

Life is GOOD! Live STRONG!


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Good to read such a full and living strong update from you. Cheers, Carver

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You have been on my mind quite a bit lately. Congrats on the sucess of the all of those involved in the 5K. Lots to tell, I'll update you later

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