Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I'm feeling rather odd these days...I'm UP and happy and super-motivated and then less than 2-hours later I am wondering "What the H*LL am I going to do now?" and I am DOWN and mopey and frustrated.

I think I'm still in the midst of some classic Ironman Blues...I GOOGLED and got all sorts of articles and they read like a personal laundry list of my day-to-day emotions...

This ARTICLE in particular was pretty helpful. Particularly this part:

"Let’s face it; Ironman is very demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. So afterwards you are just plain worn out. After such a draining event you need a rest. So you start to sleep in and go to the coffee shop, you stay up late watching TV, or go out. In short, you get out of the habit of consistent training. This makes everything just that much harder. If this isn’t enough to give you the blues, then tell me your secret!!

So with these special set of circumstances that accompany reaching your Ironman goals, we must approach it with an equally special attitude. When you have worked that hard for so long you are quite entitled to, and in fact should, remind yourself of your achievement every day. I’m not suggesting you shout it from the rooftops, or leave little memos detailing your successes to your colleagues, but just that when you conquer Ironman, keep it alive inside, because it helps to combat those post Ironman blues, and darn it, just simply because you’ve earned the right to! So too should you remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that this is merely the natural cycle of things. Just as quickly as the last Ironman registers as a memory and not just something you did a couple of weeks ago, so too will you find yourself on the starting line of your next big Ironman challenge – and for those of us who have already done it – we all know that the feeling you have on that one day is worth everything else you go through before and after!"

Hey IronCAT, maybe you should hold off any big decisions "to race or not to race" for another week or two cause I am guessing your aura is as BLUE as mine these days... Being GOOFY might not be so bad after all. Just get in a few more LONG naps between now and mid-January.

Life is Good - I am an IRONMAN! (Hey, the article says I can share that more often!!)


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Catharine said...

Thanks, Holly. I can *definitely* relate to what you're going through. We'll have much to discuss at dinner next week. Thanks for the post. Hang in there, honey!