Monday, February 01, 2010

Will NOT let them get any tighter....

I am speaking, of course, of my jeans. My poor old jeans that were loose and baggy at Lake Placid, NY in July 2009 and *not so* loose and baggy in Wilminton, NC in November 2009 just before my IRONMAN glory; are now in serious danger of not fitting at all for present day, February 2010.


So there is much work to be done! Along with getting those jean loose and baggy (or PERHAPS trading those jeans in for a smaller size or two! hehehe), I have FINALLY come up with my RACE SCHEDULE for 2010. While there might be one or two "local" races added to this schedule, there will NOT be any other TRAVEL RACES added to this schedule.

It is, as many of you know, "THE YEAR OF JIM" and that must be respected!

Luckily some of JIM's events happen to be things I can do to! Benefit to having a husband who ride bicycles. We can train and sometimes race together! More so now than in the past.

Holly's 2010 Race Plan:

Myrtle Beach Half Marathon - Feb 13, 2010 (with Heather & Cathy!)
Myrtle Beach Bike Ride - Feb 14, 2010 (with Heather & Jim!)
Royal Family 5K - Mar 6, 2010 (with Heather & our Mom!)
Disney Princess Half Marathon - Mar 7, 2010(with Heather!)
Kinetic Sprint Triathlon - May 9, 2010 (with Keri & Team Z!)
Wilderness Road Ride - May 29, 2010 (with Jim & Team Z!)
Capital Crescent 5K - Jun 6, 2010: Team CANCER to 5K
Survivor Harbor 7 - Jun 13, 2010: Team CANCER to 5K
Mussleman Sprint Triathlon - Jul 10, 2010 (with Team Z & KERI!)
IronGirl Columbia Sprint Tri - Aug 22, 2010 (with Heather!)
Beach2Battleship Half Ironman - Nov 13, 2010 (with Team Z!)

So here it is in all it's glory - with ONLY 4 OUT-OF-STATE races (MD & WV do not count as "out of state" in my mind....) this season - I think it's the smallest race calendar I have had since I was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2005.

What can I say....I like to stay busy! And busy will help me keep my jeans in check!

Life is Good! Live STRONG!

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