Monday, May 10, 2010

You've Come a Long Way Baby....

Wow...I was looking back through my posts when I realized that 5 years ago today I was just getting my drains removed from my second round of surgery for Melanoma and spent the day meeting with my Oncologist to discuss the start of Chemotherapy the next week.

I'm definitely one of the LUCKY ONES, no doubt about that. To be here, happily married, racing in Triathlons again, around to meet my two beautiful nephews (who had not even been conceived yet...), to be able to do Team CANCER to 5K - all of this while having been diagnosed with Stage III Malignant Nodular Melanoma and give a 75% chance of reoccurrence within the first 2 years.

It's days like today that I realize how truly bless and lucky I am...Life is GOOD!

Have you bought fresh Sunscreen for this coming season yet?


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Laura said...

You are an inspiration to anyone who had had cancer or loves someone who has cancer. I would be interested in your experience with inteferaon treatments, our 8 yearold grandaughter was diagnosed with Stage III this month