Friday, February 04, 2011

The Way Ahead: My 2011 Season

Before I post the race report from my first race race of the season (since I am still working on downsizing the photos!) I figured I would share the 2011 Races that currently are on my calendar.  There are some "life-changing" events on the horizon (another post about that later and NO, I am NOT pregnant nor are we planning to be...) that are forcing me to be very conservative about my race schedule this year so even my season is pretty tentative after July 2011.

Holly's 2011 RACE SEASON:
Note: Green Races are Tentative Races: I have not yet Registered nor have I cleared my calendar with Jim, who's life if greatly impacted by my constantly growing race calendars!

Mississippi Blues Half Marathon - 01/08/11 - Jackson, MS

Myrtle Beach Half Marathon - 02/19/11 - Myrtle Beach, SC (7th year in a row!)

VA Beach 8K and Shamrock Half Marathon: Dolphin Challenge - 03/19-20/11 - VA Beach, VA

Gulf Coast Half Marathon - 04/10/11 - Pensacola, FL

****NOTE that at this point I will have officially qualified to be a HALF FANATIC by racing 4 Half Marathons in 4 consecutive months! I have not yet decided if I want to actually sign up or just be happy knowing that "I could sign up if I wanted too!" LOL****

Kid One SPRINT Triathlon - 05/14/11 - Pike Road, AL

Capital Crescent 5K (with VA CANCER to 5K Team) - 06/05/11 - Bethesda, MD

Dragonfly SPRINT Triathlon - 06/18/2011 - Sardis, MS

Vineman 70.3 Ironman (Half Ironman distance TRI) - 07/17/11 - Sonoma Valley, CA

Revolutions3 South Carolina (Oly or Half - not decided yet...) - 10/08-09/11 - Anderson, SC

Now somewhere in-between April and July, I would like try to find an OLY distance TRI to race in preparation for Vineman, preferably something with some hills but for now, this is the tentative schedule.

One race down (Mississippi Blues Half Marathon - race report the weekend - I promise!) 5 more to GO for sure...the rest, well let's just say we "winging it" this year!

Life is GOOD! LiveSTRONG!

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