Monday, June 27, 2011

On the Injured List...

So just two-days after the Dragonfly TRI, The plantar fascia in my right foot declared "ENOUGH!" And I didn't even get any real warning signs...

Let that be a lesson to ME and to YOU, Please make sure you are getting in your stretching post-workouts.  I'm pretty sure that my tight calves and my increase in volume this last week are the major contributors to this injury along with some weight gain over the season (which takes longer to take off than it takes you to put on - but that is topic for a separate post...)

The GOOD NEWS is that it's not a tear of the Plantar Fascia nor a Stress Fracture - just good old Plantars Fasciitis - which most fellow runners will tell you take a long time to heal properly.

So I'm in a lovely BOOT, finishing up a 6-day round of Steroids and going back to the Podiatrist on Wednesday morning to see how the first week of healing has gone.

As for my "A" Race at Vineman 70.3 - If I am *lucky* and I do as I am told in terms of recovery the next 2 weeks, the Podiatrist has said  I *may* be able to do lovely "Swim and Bike" on race day but there will be no running (nor likely even walking) 13.1 miles.

(Oh the BLING, I am ashamed to admit how much I will miss earning some Finsher BLING...)

I won't pretend I wasn't upset last week - I won't even pretend that I didn't have my moments this weekend when I wanted to lay on the floor like a 5-year old yelling "It's Not FAIR!" but when it all comes down to it - it's just a race. In my triathlon race experience, I have been lucky enough to race over 5 Half Ironmans in the last 10 years, not to mention every distance intbetween (Sprint to Ironman and back again).  I have been very blessed to be able to afford to train and race as much as I have.

MORE IMPORTANTLY,  I can still enjoy what I "can" do, cheer my friend and "tri partner in crime" Keri H. into a 70.3 PR (we hope) in her own home town back yard (HOW COOL IS THAT?) and enjoy a fantastic 2-week vacation in California - regardless of whether or not I go 70.3 miles on Sunday, July 17.

I'm on the mend...Life is (as it always is...) GOOD!


Catharine said...

Hey Holly!

I'm so sorry about your injury! Stinky! At least you can still make the trip and have a fun Napa weekend.

Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery!

Steph R said...

Really sorry you had to take a injury right before the big event. You have not updated in a while and I was really crious what the Podiatrist said and how the healing is coming along.
I wanted to share this article about a study from Montgomery Orthopedics of 2,729 runners who run 10 miles or more per week that found stretching before a run neither prevents nor causes injury.
Your thoughts?