Monday, December 05, 2011

Oh where has the time gone?

Time is flying by and I have kept busy since my last few posts and am doing much better! Building new friendships and getting back into running and helping new friends get into running! My outdoor cycling will have to wait until I am off the blood thinners but Jim and I are making plans for some great rides in the coming year!

My goal for 2012: "Play Hard, Eat Smart" starts today! You can follow along here, if you want to support me. I'm going to spend some time getting back to basics and getting my body back into excellent shape for my next Ironman. This new blog will deal primarily with my ongoing struggle to lose some extra weight I have gained and find some balance in how it relates to my training so it will be a little different from TRI and BE HAPPY, which I plan to keep up with as well. I am continuing to work closely with the Ulman Cancer Fund and keep the CANCER to 5K program going strong! 2013 will be a return to Ironman Lake Placid to take my revenge (if WTC and Lake Placid are still having an Ironman, of course) otherwise I will choose another Ironman-distance event to race.

Quick Summary:

• Oct 1 - Ran the Montgomery 5K with my friend Amanda - her first 5K and part of the Montgomery Half Marathon Festival: 46:28

• Nov 1: Accepted a job as the Volunteer Coordinator for The Joy to Life Foundation! (Yahoo, I have a new job!!!)

• Nov 4 - Ran part of the Battleship Half Marathon as a BRIDESMAID! Yep, a Bridesmaid for my wonderful friend Ron and Shawn who got married at the 3-mile point on the race course!  So proud and honored to be included in their special day!

• Nov 19: Turkey Burner 5K with my friend Amanda: 47:53

Looking Ahead:

• 12K of Christmas Run - Dec 12th

• MS Blues Half Marathon - Jan 7, 2012
• Mercedes - Birmingham Half Marathon - Feb 12, 2012
• Myrtle Beach Half Marathon - Feb 17, 2012
• Centerpoint Half Marathon - Mar 17, 2012
• 3 Gap Fifty (Bike Ride) - Georgia - Sept 26, 2012
• NYC Marathon (**very tentative**) - Nov 2012
• GOOFY Challenge - Disney World - Jan 2013
• Ironman 2013 - IM Lake Placid!

Have no fear, I'll am returning to my regularly schedule Race Reports and Blogging because I miss it!

Life is GOOD! LiveSTRONG!

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Gina said...

Holly, I'm going to follow your new blog. You *know* you can do this. Think of all you've done so far? And going public can really keep you honest. :) I'm excited you are planning for Goofy in 2013! I want to do Goofy and was thinking 2013 myself! Looking forward to following your upcoming events.