Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Cancer-versary to me!

7 years ago today, I heard the words "You have cancer" over the phone as I sat at my office desk.

6 years ago today, I was 8 months into a year of chemotherapy and so tired but also so grateful.

5 years ago today, I was drafting my CANCER to 5K program ideas into a proposal.

4 years ago today, I was working with Coach Bob and recruiting for our first CT5K Spring Team!

3 years ago today, I was running my 5th Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (literally! It was on 2/14/09!)

2 years ago today, the Ulman Cancer Fund was getting our second CT5K - Howard Country Team underway and I celebrated a huge milestone as a Melanoma survivor - 5 years cancer free!

1 year ago today,  I was preparing for a move from DC to Alabama and wondering what surprises life had in store for me next...

TODAY, I am officially a 7-year Stage III Melanoma Survivor!

Today is a good day indeed!

I hope you never forget that Life is Good, LiveSTRONG!


Mary said...

Yay Holly, boo cancer.

Jen Small said...

you are a total inspiration.
rock on Holly!!

wishing you a hundred more years of health

Michelle said...

As a melanoma survivor, but also an athlete who obviously loves the outdoors, can you please share with me your lifestyle changes that you have made to ensure that you remain as healthy as possible. I mean do you avoid the sun at certain times, wear tees over tanks, wear a high sunscreen and reapply ? how often. My email is mlrodine@hotmail.com and I would love to know more about what kind of changes you've made. I've read so much about avoiding the sun, and/or covering up in excess( i'd die of heat stroke from all the extra clothes). But for a person who loves the outdoors how do you make it all work.