Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Light Run 2006

"Blue Christmas Tree..."
"Blue Christmas Tree.."
"We love our Christmas Light Run!!"

Last night was my second time doing the Christmas Light Run and I have to say that this is fast becoming one of my favorite DC holiday traditions. How can you possibly have a bad time running 4 miles all over the National Mall and downtown Washington, DC with 200 other people, all of whom are dressed in blinking lights, Santa hats and misc. Holiday garb (I saw Rudolf hats, antlers, elve ears, tinsel headbands, and so much more...) while singing holiday songs?!!? And at the end of it all - your run ends at a pub!! Good Times Guaranteed!

You simply can't have a bad time, unless of course, you don't like to run, in which case - you should probably stay home.

This year I was joined by my friend Keri and some of her (and now my) friends (Hi Mike!!) whom she met through Team In Training this past season. We stuck with the "Commet" pace group (as opposed to the blazing fast Blitzens and the walker-paced Dashers) that seems to keep around a 10-11 minute pace which slowed down as the group became bigger (after regrouping at the National Christmas Tree) and the sidewalk became narrower.

It really is amazing how much of an impact running in a large group; running in the dark; and singing Christmas carols can have on your overall pace. I have been run/walking this season, all season...and last night I ran the 2 miles to the first stop at the National Christmas Tree (about 20 minutes) with only about 2-3 brief moments of rest (along with the rest of the pace group) due to stop lights. Nothing like a little "fun run" to illustrate that you are fitter than you have been giving yourself credit for, huh?

While the weather was down right balmy at 50 degrees (compare to last year's temps of 25 and windy) the holiday spirit was alive and well! If you live in the "NOVA VA/DC BELTWAY" area and you are a runner, you owe it to yourself to do this event at least ONCE! I promise you, you will enjoy it!

By the way ... this run is FREE and the organizer intend to keep it that way for as long as they can!! How is that for showing not only a love for running but some Holiday Cheer as well!

:) Now it really is beginning to "look alot like Christmas...."


Keri and Mike (kinda blurry ...sorry!)

Myself, my hat and Keri! (Do you like my hat? hehehe)


nancytoby said...

Thank you for posting that!! What fun!! I'm so sorry I missed it this year - that did so much to get me in the holiday spirit last year!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Mike said...

Holly, I had a great time running with you and Keri! I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. -- "Fiiiive golden rings!"

Cliff said...


good run. I want hat as well.

merry Christmas.