Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First TRI of the season is approaching....

My first race of the season is approaching. It's a small race as races go - just 605 people. It is also a short race as triathlons go - sprint distance with a 750m Swim - 18 mile Bike - 5K Run. It's the Kinetic Sprint Triathlon at Lake Anna this Sunday.

The weather seam to be cooperating now with a call for partial sun and a high of 70F which is wonderful considering the water temperature looks to be 55F on race day. BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

I thought about what my expectations were for this race. It's not an "A" race - heck it isn't even a "B" race - it is a "get back into racing" race so my expectations for times are limited. I would like to finish sub 2:00 but it doesn't seem likely considering my *weight-handicapped" bike and run paces lately.

So I am going for more of an emotional goal than a physical goal.

My goal in this race is to HAVE FUN and CELEBRATE THE FUN THAT IS TRIATHLON!

After all, this race has me coming full circle. Did you know this was *first* triathlon as a Malignant Melanoma Cancer Survivor? And now two years later, I am back to race it again and you know what? I am *STILL* a Cancer Survivor - and a pretty damn lucky one at that. I'll take every year I can get!!

I feel like the little phoenix chick sitting in her shell, tapping gently with my single beak tooth to crack that shell... smell of sulfur wafting through...

Time to rise out of the ash, renewed and rejoicing! Can you hear my cry yet? Well you will on Sunday....



Carver said...


What a wonderful milestone to reach your 2 year mark as a melanoma survivor and have a triatholon to celebrate that. I hope the weather is phenomenal and that it is great fun. Cheers, Carver

*jeanne* said...

Listening for the TRIUMPHANT call!!

How'd it go?