Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Memory

James Bowdish
Sept 1934 - June 2007

After 3 years of battling stage IV colon cancer, my Uncle Jim passed away. I will always hold his memory deep in my heart. He was my favorite Uncle and I always looked forward to our visits to the farm when I was little because I knew that I would be getting warm hugs and smiles from both of you. I'll never forget those Thanksgivings, being in awe of the pile of food on Uncle Jim's plate and then watching him snore in front of the TV after the meal was done.

For all his "yankee toughness" there was a gentle and loving side to Uncle Jim that was always there. In the way he looked at you and my cousins and in the way he would talk about the farm and take time to show me the new baby chicks and the cats hiding all over the farm. I will miss him very much.

He is survived by 1 brother, his wife Patricia, son's Bruce and Raymond, daughter's Lisa and Tacie, 9 grandchildren and a large extended family on both sides.

He stayed for as long as he could, cancer be damned and he lived STRONG every moment. He will always be in our hearts.


TriFeist said...

What sad news. You always spoke so fondly of him. My heart goes out to you.

Flatman said...

sorry holl...will be thinking of you.