Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mind the Gap

Well after a 24 hour delay due to a canceled flight, we are in LONDON Baby! We were upgraded to BUSINESS class on the flight out and it was fantastic. So good, that we wish we didn't really know what it was like because Economy Plus on the way home will pale in comparison. Let's face it, after you have been able to recline your seat to the bed position on a transcontinental flight, nothing will ever be good enough again.

We had no problems navigating the London Underground (the Tube) and when we popped out at Victoria Station, what should we see but Le Tour de France carrivan vehicles on their way to Trafalger Square for the opening ceremonies later tonight! We had lunch in Victoria Station, wandered around the local neighborhood, took a 2 hour nap and went to the local Wine Bar and Restaurant for a great glass of wine and some Bangers and Mash (Sausages and Mashed Potatoes).

Our hotel is in the midst of Victoria/Westminster area of London. It is a little diamond in the rough at less than 90 pounds a night including Breakfast every day. The neighborhood is plush and high end - lots of BMWs and Porsche parked on the streets.

Today's plans: Playing Tourist on the DoubleDecker Buses and going to the opening Tour Ceremonies tonight!!

London BABY, Le TOUR Baby! Life is Good! Live STRONG!


Karen said...

Hey Holly - welcome to the UK!!! And just for you it looks like it's going to be a sunny weekend - we've not seen the sunshine for about a month, it's just rained, rained rained.

Have fun and enjoy the capital! :o)

Nancy Toby said...


Please keep posting and HAVE FUN!! Wave at me during the Prologue and give Phil and Paul a big smooch from me!!

*jeanne* said...


Congrats on getting there!



Karen said...

Hi... consider yourself tagged - see my blog for today! Hope you're having a fun holiday!