Friday, December 07, 2007

On a happier note....

Wallace and Grommette are ready, are you?

FOR THE RECORD: Fine Needle Biopsies are NOT as simple as they sound. They better have gotten some good samples because I am NOT doing that again anytime soon. No word on results - won't know until next week.


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! YEAH! This weekend is the Jingle All the Way 10K and the CANCER to 5K Wrap Party! It will be a weekend of tree decorating, visiting friends and and celebrating. If that't not moving on, I don't know what is!

Still debating the 2008 race calendar and I owe a BOSTON GIRLS WEEKEND pictures! More to come this weekend!

Happy FRIDAY! Life is Good, Live STRONG!

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Ellie Hamilton said...

Cute Christmas kitties! :-)