Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tests you can't study for....

So what is up with these test that you CAN"T STUDY FOR? I am so over it! Really, I am!

This week I find myself back in the not so unfamiliar role of "human lab rat" thanks to this 18mm node on my right thryoid lobe. The tests in question:

Nuclear Medicine Thyroid Scan
Ultrasound guided Biopsy

The first three, NO PROBLEM! In fact, as of this blog, they are already done. It was easy really, just alot of laying around while other people took pictures of my thyroid. It is that last one, the needle biopsy, that has me a little nervous. Something about needles and my neck that makes me a little nervous but after 9:30 tomorrow morning, the procedure will be complete.

The results? Well now, I have to WAIT for that. I HATE that part! It will probably take about a week for the biopsy sample to come back from the lab so I won't know anything until sometime late next week, I imagine.

So the word of the week - BENIGN or B-9 if you want to be fancy...

Life is Good, Live STRONG!

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mlittle said...

Good luck, Holly!