Tuesday, May 06, 2008


As you may (or may not...) recall, I have been recovering from a torn rotator cuff injury for a long time now. I have been putting off surgery as an absolute *last option.*

Last night I started my 6-week class on Stroke Development at the local REC Center near my house. The class lasts about an hour and it is a small group of 4 adults, so already, I am getting good tips on improving my kick (not really needed in triathlon) and my basic stroke techniques. We probably did about 400 yards max. By the end of the workout, my right shoulder was definitely sore. I took some advil and still last night I had a continuing dream last night that I was in an accident and I broke my neck.

I woke up with a fierce headache that started at the base of the right side of my neck but by the time I got out of the shower, the headache was gone. Must have slept funny on it continuously all night.

MORE IMPORTANTLY - I had NO SORENESS in my right shoulder this morning!!

I am going to go to the pool twice more this week before next Mondays class to practice my drills and am going to keep it to a MAX of 400 yards to start but I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Jim and I were sitting at home last night and I surprised myself when I admitted that I actually missed smelling like chlorine. It's has got to be a geek-triathlon thing.

Life IS Good says a Very, Very Happy Holly!!!

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Bolder said...

great news on the cuff!

you know i've had my share of shoulder issues as well. this year, swimming ONLY once a week has made the world of difference.

it's been 10 months, make sure you ease back in there tiger!