Friday, July 04, 2008

MUDDY BUDDY PREP - My FIRST Mountain Bike Ride!

On Sunday, June 29th, in prep for the TEAM MUD KITTENS debut at the Richmond, VA Muddy Buddy Race, I had my first go at Mountain Biking!

A clean mountain bike... all ready to go!

I headed with my friends Keri and Greg and their friend Dan to Wakefield Park just 20 minutes west of my house where they have multiple, well-kept single tracks. I have never had so much FUN and been so darn SCARED in my life! Greg was the BEST teacher ever and he rode behind me the whole time, giving tips and calling out turns and telling me when to go faster and when to control my speed. The loop was only 4.5 miles and it took us about 1 hour and I kid you not, I worked HARD that entire hour. I was covered in sweat, a little muddy and having the time of my life and I didn't fall ONCE!


We even got with about 3 feet of a doe who was just standing by a fire-road, chilling out and eating. She just passively watched us, chewing away and was so beautiful. That is closest I have ever been to a deer that was not in a petting zoo.

Oh and the funniest thing of all - on the way out to the single track at the start, on the fire-road, I was going as slow as can be, all nervous and anxious just riding on rocks and dry dirt but after 4 miles of riding roots, rocks and rolling through undulating down-hills and skidding on mud, when we got back the the fire-road, I was riding as fast as Keri, Greg and Dan and thinking, wow this surface is easy and fun!

Three big things were significant to me about this first time experience:

1.) My road biking skills helped some especially when picking the line on corners but I have got to work on keeping my feet level - especially because when you are riding over rocks and stumps and roots it would be too easy to catch your foot on something...

2.) There was something amazing about flying through a meadow on your bike - bumping and jostling along - I felt like I was 10 years old again...

3.) Mountain Bikers are some FIT PEOPLE with some serious bike handling skills....I am humbled.

Keri, Dan and Greg - post ride!

Greg (on the right) is the MAN!

Greg was an EXCELLENT MENTOR and I am so greatful to my good friend Keri for offering to take me Mountain Biking with them! I feel 100x more confident about our Muddy Buddy now than I did at 10AM Sunday morning when I was riding the Mountain Bike through the parking lot learning to shift gears!

A little muddy are my FIRST RIDE buddies...(LOL)

This Mud_Kitten is ready to GO!

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Nancy Toby said...

That's excellent, Holly! You lead the way, I'll bring up the rear!!!