Friday, February 27, 2009


HA!  I just downloaded the March Workout Calendar for Team Z - 140.6 Track - Ironman USA and all I have to say is...STEP UP!

It's going to be a VERY FIT and BUSY SPRING!

Expect the numbers in that little training box on the right (which I know I am behind on updating ....) to JUMP because apparently FEB was a Taper/Race/Recover Month...I'm looking at about 12-13 hours of workouts starting on Monday morning...

My wedding dress is going to be falling off me in 8 weeks!! LOL

Life is GOOD!  LiveSTRONG! 

PS - Check in for more Myrtle Beach Photos and some Video this weekend!


Es --- IRONMAN in Training! said...

Amen sister! When I looked at the workouts I was shocked. I've become used to easy workouts, not feeling guilty about skipping.

On the plus side - when I look at the volume I'm becoming more and more convinced that the sweet victory of completing an IRONMAN will be mine!

HEATHER said...

yahooo! I need a group like this. Well i guess I have one, except we have lots of kids in tow...and oh yeah, they all look at me like i'm nuts when i say "let's go for a run!" hee hee.

HEATHER said...

p.s. do i get an "upcoming events" thing on the side of my blog? Love ya sis!