Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's a Bride to Do? - Just "I DO" It! - 5K REPORT

I'll bet in all the hub-bub that is "THE WEDDING" you guys thought that I had *forgotten* that little race that I signed up for in July...

I have not posted much on my training since mid-February because my training had been frequently interrupted by illness.  First was the nasty FLU that sidelined the Princess Half Marathon, which I smartly sat out.  It took me about 2 weeks to fully recover from that illness and I blindly jumped right back into Ironman training - Full Steam Ahead and ...


Ran into a wall by the name of "Pleurisy" (Sounds old-fashioned, huh?  Like have the Vapors or Scurvy - yeah that is what I thought too...)

Pleurisy , also called pleuritis, is an inflammation of the pleura, which is the moist, double-layered membrane that surrounds the lungs and lines the rib cage. The condition can make breathing extremely painful. (This is an UNDERSTATEMENT!)

Apprently the cause for my pleurisy is most likely the previous FLU that I *thought* I had recovered from but apparently the LEFT SIDE of my body did not get the message that we were done with the FLU.  I place the blame completely on the "lack of lymph-nodes" that were removed back in May 2005 when I was diagnosed with Melanoma. 

NOTE TO SELF & OTHER SUVIVORS:  Less lymph nodes means you need to "listen to you body more when training!"

So diagnosed with Pleurisy and told by the DR that the only fix was "complete rest and recovery", I took the unusual route of actually heeding my DR orders and took a 2 week break from training. What could I do?  Who wants to remember their wedding day because it hurt to breathe?  Yeah, I know, it's IRONMAN...LOL

So my reward for taking a much needed break and letting my body heal came on my wedding day when I woke up at 7AM to run the INAUGURAL JUST "I DO" IT 5K.

Joining me for this unique event were: my Sister/Best Friend (and Maiden of Honor) Heather, and close running/tri buddies Linae (Dr. IronFeist); Shawn (Marathon 50 Chick and Newbie TRIathlete), Keri (TNT SuperTRI GAL) and Leona (soon to be a run addict, only she doesn't know it yet!).

Keri gave me a beautiful sparkly vail that I wore for the entire run and I pulled out my "Princess Bride" T-shirt for the occasion and finally wore the darn thing on a run! LOL It was decided that I needed to keep the veil and pass it and the tradition of running 5K on your wedding morning to the next lucky lady to come... 

(Heather, Leona, Shawn...your all next in line...)

L to R: Heather, Keri, Linae, Shawn, Holly & Leona

Sporting the "Veil" of  Honor and my "Princess Bride" Tech Tee

The course was a 1.0 mile loop at Parham Bridge Park in Jackson, MS.  It was a paved one mile loop that you had to see to believe (see photo below - thanks Heather!).  We ran that loop 3 times until Heather's Garmin said 3.19 miles completed.  It was by far the most memorable 5K that I have done yet and it was EXACTLY the way that I wanted to end my "single life" and "begin my married life."

The Parham Bridges 1.0 mile trail x3! (Dizzy Yet?)

What more could a BRIDE do on her wedding day?

The Innaugural JUST "I DO " IT 5K runners at the wedding reception
 L to R: Keri, Linae, Shawn, Heather, Leona & myself (the Bride, d'oh) in the center front

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