Friday, May 08, 2009

Let the SEASON begin...

Ready or not, here it comes...

My first TRI of the 2009 Season is tomorrow morning at 7AM.

I'll be doing the Kinetic Half Ironman:70.3 miles of FUN - 1.2 mile SWIM, 56 mile BIKE, 13.1 mile RUN

Coach Ed has said "just a training day, not an A race" but when the race cutoff is 8:00 hours and your half Ironman PR is 8:01 the event becomes a chance to PR on a training day.

DId 2000 yards in the pool the other day - felt good - time to see where my training has gotten me so far this year.

Race Report on the FLIP SIDE!

Have a good weekend and remember LIFE IS GOOD so Live STRONG!


Lindsay said...

I LOVE that comic... A friend forwarded it over to me because everytime she sees it, she thinks of me.

Good luck this weekend - I'll be out there with ya. Its my first, so I'm guaranteed a PR too :)

MJoski said...

Oh my gosh, I had tears of happiness flowing for you when I viewed your wedding pics and slide are definitely living STRONG and your happiness is so very apparent! Good luck on your season...I'm not much of an athlete so I live vicariously through your efforts!

Mary Jo (Stage III melanoma survivor - 6+ years!)