Thursday, May 21, 2009

LIARS! Both of them...

I feel that I need to tell you about two big LIARS who are very, very close to me that I have discovered whose treachery was uncovered yesterday afternoon during my speed-work session.

LIAR #1 - My conscious MIND


I'm going on 4 weeks of solid and consistent Ironman training volume with no illness or issues (please let this trend continue!!). This past weekend had me putting in a long run of 14 miles on Saturday and a long bike of 79 (VERY WINDY) mile on Sunday.  No rest for the weary though - REST days are FRIDAY so Monday consisted of WEIGHTS and a RUN, Tuesday was SWIM, 14 miles on the BIKE and CANCER to 5K workout, which I took EASY and simply did 2.0 miles of run/walking to support my runners and volunteers.

So yesterday when I woke up, my legs were feeling pretty empty and all day I dragged around feeling generally tired and fatigued .  All day I dreaded the RUN speed work that was planned for the evening that I was choosing do alone because I wanted to stick close to home after work.

I was COMPLETELY SURE that this was going to be the WORST WORKOUT EVER! I was just so darn tired all day long and even walking up the Metro Escalator seemed like an all out effort on my way home - how on earth was I going to get in 45 minutes to an hour of running FAST?

So I decided the only way to look at this workout was for what it was:  Training for Ironman - Get it Done!  The workout needs to get done and on race day I am going to feel even more tired than this so it was time to EMBRACE THE FEELING OF RUNNING TIRED.

The first 5 minutes were like slogging through a mud bog both physically and mentally and then it happened...My LEGS, who had previously been feeling like logs, who had been refusing to put it even the least bit of enthusiasm all day -  began to settle into the rhythm and do their thing - and do their thing QUICKLY when I asked them too!

The workout was hard but not nearly as miserable and torturous as my MIND had led me to believe it would be....

So, take it from me, your consciousness can be a "Dirty Lying B*tch" when she wants to...AND will take advantage of every opportunity she has to make you think you should skip a training day, including recruiting your LEGS to fake it for about 5 minutes.


LEGS love to RUN!  They are like two big beautiful golden retrievers just waiting to be let off the leash and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY - if only you let them!

Looks like today is a great day for another SWIM and some speed work on the BIKE!

Life is GOOD!  Live STRONG!


HEATHER said...

Liars!! i'm glad you didn't listen to those pesky voices :)

keridove said...

i hate those stinking liars.

Catharine said...

Good job getting in done, Holly. I know exactly the feeling of which you speak. I am so glad that your training is back on track. Keep up the great work. I'm going to remember that quote...