Monday, May 07, 2007

All About the BIKE this weekend

This weekend's workouts called for a BRICK workout of a 2 hour bike and 20 minute run on Saturday followed by a 3 hour bike on Sunday. Inbween those two workouts I managed to sqeeze in baking 8 dozen cookies and a Cinco de Mayo party held by friends Keri and Greg.

I am not cut out for rolling into the house at 2AM any more. Sad but true...

The 8 dozen cookies were for a post-Bike Ride pinic that Jim and I had planned to attend on Sunday. Then came the Cinquo de Mayo so getting a full 8 hours of sleep after the party prevented the cookies from getting to their final destination Sunday afternoon. You can imagine how happy both Jim and my coworkers were to find dozens of home-made chocolate chip cookies to snack on this morning! So the cookies found a good home outside of our kitchen, far away from the cookie monsters that Jim and I could potentially be, if given the opportunity.

The workout on Saturday ended up covering about 26 miles on the bike wih a 1.5 mile run. The run felt *SLOW* but the watch said otherwise. Sunday's bike was 39 miles in nothing but WIND! The same WINDS that Nancy suffered through. Needless to say, if I can handle 3 hours in that wind, I might just be okay if the Eagleman bike course is it's typical windy self. At least I know that I carry enough weight on my person not to get blown off my bike. I may not be very fast this season but I sure am stable. LOL

A few more fun things to share -

My sister Heather placed 2ND WOMAN OVERALL this weekend at the Blue Crab Festival 5K in a time of 22:25. She set yet another PR for this distance this year! GO SISTER GO! RUN SISTER RUN! (Pictures to Follow)

My CT SCAN came back CLEAN! Just call me N•E•D !!! I am currently cancer-free for a second year!

According to the photographic evidence here from last weekends Pikes Peek 10K, in spite of a 40 pound gain in weight, I can still put on a fierce "race day face" and yes, I am a heel stiker by nature. But look!!! I am striding not shuffling and it is still early in the 2007 season!

My "NIKE +" Challenge Buddy, Mel ran her first half marathon yesterday!! Way to run Mel!! I will be working to catch up on those running miles you logged this weekend!!

Life Is Good! Live STRONG and enjoy the week ahead!


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TriFeist said...

Way to go! That was a fun weekend of workouts. You will rock the Columbia course.

And congrats on two years NED!!