Thursday, May 10, 2007



That pretty much sums up my workouts over the last 48 hours.

Tuesday night's workout was a 75 minute BIKE followed by a 15 minute easy RUN (if I felt up to the run...). The bike was an interval UPTEMPO workout meaning that after a warm-up, I was expected to do 30 minutes of hard riding followed by a 10 minute recovery and then another 10 minutes of *very hard* riding and a 15 minute cool down.

There is something to be said for hard efforts on the bike because they really translate into some increases in overall speed and that is what I love to see! I love to see the burn in my quads turn into more miles covered over time. This was the fastest workout I have had this spring. I saw a net increase of 1.5 mph over 75 minutes. I covered 17 miles on a rolling course.


I felt pretty pumped at the end of the bike, so I went ahead and did the 15 minute easy RUN that was optional. While I didn't break any speed records on the RUN, I was consistent with my times off the bike from the past few weeks -which means that I can give more on the bike and still maintain something of a pace on the run.

I finished up the workout with some pain in the front of my right foot. I assumed it was my shoes. I have two pair and I had not used one of the pair in a while and the tongue of the right shoe seems to be bugging my right foot. So we will not use these shoes again because they contributed to an OWIE....

Yesterday's workout called for a 50 minute run. My stomach had been bugging me on and off all day but I opted to at least start the workout and see what my body had to say. I stuck to my coaches rules... 6/1 Run/Walk intervals and it was my right foot and my stomach that conspired against me. I barely did 3.5 miles in 50 minutes but the way I look at it is it was a slow workout but better than no workout at all or so I thought until about an hour after the workout when my right foot began to hurt more and swell just a bit....


I took some Advil and iced the ankle. It is still bugging me today, sore to the touch, with a little bump near one of the tendons but no swelling that I can see of the joint and it doesn't hurt to walk on . I am pretty sure this sore bump is the reoccurrence of a ganglion cyst that I have had in this same foot in the past. So the offending shoes will go in the donation bin.

I plan will get on the bike tonight and see how I feel. If the foot protests, I will invoke a "REST DAY" but somebody needs to tell my right foot that we have two big races: Columbia Triathlon and Eagleman 70.3 Half Ironman in the next 5 weeks.

No time for OWIES....

Life is Good - ZOOM! Live STRONG!


Nancy Toby said...

I HATE that! Feet, just shut up, because you don't get a vote!! You're coming along on the ride, like it or not!!!

TriFeist said...

Exactly! That foot has a lot of nerve. It needs to get with the program.