Monday, August 06, 2007

Getting the word out - on TV!

So last year I had this little idea. What about an exercise program for Cancer Suvivors? I shared my idea with a few people and they gave me the enouragement to give it a try. Months of talking led to a grant for $5000.00 and a chance to have my program end with a race that is going to be kicked-off by the ultimate cancer survivor Lance Armstrong.

Who would have guessed!

We now have 3 cancer survivors signed up for the program and last week I was interviewed by one of the anchors of the local NBC news station. They are going showcase the program CANCER to 5K, a little about my survivor story and 10-THE RACE tonight during the 4PM News.

For the NOVA/DC METRO locals, that is Channel 4 (NBC) 4:00 news with Pat Larsen-Muse.

I'm gonna be on TEEVEE...LOL

The hope is that this TV story will spread the word some more and bring us in some more participants. We have budgeted for 20 people total but I would be surprised if we got that big a group first time out of the gate. I'm already thrilled to have 3 people joining the journey!

I still can't believe my little idea has really become something....The first workout is tomorrow!



Dawn - Pink Chick said...

You rock, lady!!!

christina said...

I came here through another womens blog but I am having a freezeon who anyway just wanted to say "hi" and way to go on the cancer to 5K stuff and getting on TV, very cool. You should be proud! you are definitely an inspiration..