Friday, August 24, 2007

LiveSTRONG Challenge is HERE!

This weekend, my boyfriend Jim and I will join the rest of our Cyclist Combatting Cancer Team in Philadelphia for the LiveSTRONG Challenge Ride. I will be riding IN MEMORY of my Uncle Jim Bowdish, who lost his battle with cancer just a few months ago.

I will only be riding 40 miles, instead of my planned 100 but I can reassure you that I am still training hard for the Marine Corps Marathon in late October. So what has kept me off my bike?

Well I started a little running group for fellow cancer survivors here in Northern VA called "CANCER to 5K" and while the work has been hard, it has been well worth the effort so far. You can find out more abou the program on the website:

So inspite of the change of plans, I am still "Going Long and Living Strong!" and I appreciate all your support!!

Look for updates and a ride report when I get back!!!!! Have a great weekend!


Carver said...

I hope the bike ride goes well. You do so much for cancer survivors and are truly an inspiration. Carver

Anonymous said...

Amazing about winning the jersey contest and meeting Lance!!! That's so cool, Holly. Well done!