Tuesday, October 30, 2007


More is coming, I promise!!! I need more time to sort through the tons of pictures AND get the report written....

CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing Cancer to 5K Team on their outstanding effort on Saturday! Every single volunteer showed up - despite the pouring rain and help make my Teams race the best it could be!

Way to go Ben & Cheryl & Jess! We even made Lance Armstrong and Doug Ulman honorary Cancer to 5K Finisher by presenting them with medals! They earned it as Cancer Survivors and Race Finishers! They can in the rain along with the rest of the field.

Oh yeah and Marine Corps Marathon???

In the books! And it was by far my longest Marathon ever (in terms of time on the course) nearly 1 hour longer than my previous Personal Record of 5:39:15 at the 2003 Ocean Drive Marathon. Guess it is time to work on getting my speed back up!

One complaint, I missed having my finish video taped by 46 seconds! If crossed the start mat one minute sooner I'd have video proof!! GRR!!!

Even so, the medal looks great and I am hobbling proudly cause I BEAT THE 14TH STEET BRIDGE, BABY!

Life is Good! Live STRONG! More coming later tonight!


Carver said...

Congratulations Holly! Quite an accomplishment. You are indeed living strong.

Rachael said...

I tried looking for you Holly, but no luck! Paul's brother finished right around the same time as you, but I think we were so caught up in looking for him (he was NOT doing well) that I missed you. Glad you beat the bridge and I hope to see you soon.