Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random Photos....

Some photos I have been meaning to share.... in no particular order:

Banana Spider Webs - a reason to only *visit* South Carolina and not live there

Scary, scary - so why name them after such a tasty fruit?

Rowen's Custom Birthday Cake - My sister Cathy made this!

I have trouble just frosting cupcakes and she makes bears!

My Mom and her shirt - Hysterically Funny (both Mom and the Shirt)

Rowen showing Grandpa his bongo skillz!

And you thought *you* got tired....

Our resident Praying Mantis - Manti for short...

Some folks have virus protection - we have *bengal* protection

Happiness can always be found in your Mommy's Arms!

1 comment:

*jeanne* said...

LOVE the photos.
The spider is beautiful, in a scary creepy way.