Friday, October 05, 2007

Rowen's First Bike! (as recorded by Aunt Holly)

My name is Rowen and I am one year old now but I have been Living STRONG since day one cause that is how my family rolls!

Truth is, my family rolls alot! My mommy is a runner and aspiring triathlete. We have run miles together (me in my jog stroller) and I have spent my first year helping my Mommy train for her first marathon! My Aunt Holly is a *half Ironman* while my Uncle Jim is a total ROADIE so naturally, being one and being able to walk meant my first wheels where only a matter of time....

Oh look! My FIRST BIKE!!

Don't you just LOVE the primary color coordination? It has almost all the important colors I need - RED for King of the Mountiains, White for Best Young Rider and of course, YELLOW for the Leader's Jersey. Only color missing is Green for the Sprinters Jersey...

Of course while I have only been walking for a week now, I am a natural on my bike!
Note my special bike shirt - it's a gift that my Aunt Holly & Uncle Jim bought me from London, England at this year 2007 Tour de France.

Better watch out Lance! Rowen's on the move!

It seems that my bike might need some adjustment so I dismount and walk it to my personal team mechanic so after my first ride, I consult with my Uncle Jim for some tips....

Uncle Jim makes some sublte ajustments to my handlebars because every great cyclist needs to dial their ride in just right!

Looks perfect. don't you think? I love my Uncle Jim!

Later in the day, my mommy and I went our for our first road rides! My Mommy got her first bike this weekend too! Like my helmet? I never ride outside without it!

At the end of the day, after near 400 yards of riding, I needed a break! Got to save some energy for the next days ride! Vive Le Tour! LiveSTRONG!



marathonmama said...

hey sister! it's heather! i for the life of me can't remember my name/password to comment so i had to make a new one!

how CUTE is the little story! i love it! and i love you! can't wait to see you in about 12 hours for a "sister" weekend! (those are my favorite!)

TriFeist said...

OMG! That is not a mini king of the mountains jersey, is it? What a cutie!! Clearly an athletic future for Roawn. :)

Shawn said...

He is just toooooo adorable! Great narration, Auntie Holly!