Monday, March 03, 2008

Dear Right Shoulder:

Dear Right Shoulder:

I am writing to you to plead with your sense of decency and kindness. Won't you please, PLEASE do me a favor and RESPOND TO PHYSICAL THERAPY?

I mean, it has been 7 MONTHS already and you insist on continuing this charade of getting stronger for 4-6 weeks only to launch into severe muscle spasms and pain without any warning shots or at the very least initial minor indication of irritation.

If you insist on presenting yourself to TWO Orthopedic Surgeons and ONE Neurologist as "not serious enough to require surgery" than I am going to call your BLUFF and get back in the POOL!

You are on notice RIGHT SHOULDER! I am tired of your antics and frankly, your just going to have to get back to work because I am SICK OF MEDICAL CO-PAYS 2-3 times a week.

Holly - the TRIATHLETE

PS: That is "TRI"athlete - that means SWIM, BIKE AND RUN, darnit!!


Nancy Toby said...

Holly, just a thought after you've described several muscle-spasm issues lately - you are taking a daily multi-vitamin and multi-mineral pill (like Centrum or equivalent) right (I'm especially thinking of sufficient vitamin E and selenium)?? Plus you may want to take a little extra calcium and magnesium for a few weeks (2-3 Rolaids per day will do it) and see if that reduces the incidence of those muscle spasm issues. Can't hurt, might help, just an idea!

Carver said...

Holly, I hope the physical therapy will help and your shoulder will get much better soon. I went through P.T. three days a week too and for me the good news is I went from having a frozen shoulder to being able to hold it over my head. It's not perfect and I have shoulder and spine issues which showed up on scans as also not being bad enough for surgery but being a pain, literally and figuratively. I admire you so much for pushing through it and continuing towards your goals. You are incredibly strong. Best wishes, Carver