Friday, March 14, 2008

So this is what it looks like ...

When I am focused on nothing but the finish line!

HEY HEATHER!  I FINALLY had a reason to wear the PANDA ZOO hat we bought back in October 2005 after the Army Ten Miler!  Ha Ha!

CANCER to 5K- SPRING 2008 starts tomorrow!  
I can believe that it is already time to start another 12-week training group. We have a great group of runners and volunteers ready to go!  
12 weeks is going to fly by!

Wanna race with us?  
This year we will be doing the Survivor Harbor 7 Race (3-mile option) up in Baltimore, MD 
on Sunday June 8, 2008. 

If you not busy you should register and come and run the race! 
All the cool kids are doing it! LOL

Life is Good!  LiveSTRONG!  
Have a great weekend y'all!

1 comment:

Ellie Hamilton said...

Now THAT's a look of concentration and determination! You should include it in a collection of C-to-5K photos. It's the journey in a nutshell.